20 Best CBSE Results Memes For Class 10th & 12th Students

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The 27,000 schools in India and 240 schools in 28 foreign countries will announce their Class 10th and 12th results in May 2023. All these schools are affiliated with CBSE or the Central Board of Secondary Education, the national-level board of education in India. Considering the level of stress some of the students go through it, we have aggregated the funniest CBSE results memes for you to laugh with your friends.

The exams of CBSE Class 10 and CBSE Class 12 were held from February 15, 2023, to March 21, 2023. Your CBSE class 10 result is the most crucial factor in determining whether you can enroll in your desired stream in 11th grade. Your grades in a subject show your interest or disinterest in that subject, which can help you choose a stream; Science, Commerce, or Arts.

You are admitted to colleges for CBSE class 12th students based on your grades. Even if you attend an entrance exam-based college, your 12th-grade point average will be evaluated. In some job interviews and master’s entrance exams, marks from the 12th grade are also considered.

Funny CBSE Results Memes

CBSE during the result declaration has been a topic of laughs every year due to delays, website crashes and other aspects. But mostly, the parents and students, especially the toppers and backbenchers, are decorated with memes. Now, sit back and enjoy these funny memes on CBSE results.

1. The long wait for exam results!

Waiting for CBSE Results Meme

2. CBSE website everyday!

CBSE Website Meme

3. CBSE website crashed!

CBSE Website Crashed Meme

4. Where are the results?

CBSE Results Late Meme

5. When exam are over!

CBSE Exams Are Over Meme

6. CBSE announcing class 10th and 12th results date!

CBSE Results Date Meme

7. Toppers after results!

CBSE Topper Meme

8. All good?

CBSE Results Student Meme on Tom Cartoon

9. Whole family’s reactions!

CBSE Results Mummy Meme

10. Inevitable!

CBSE Results Meme on Backbencher

11. The next morning after results are declared!

CBSE Results Cat Meme on Mobile

12. Marks ≠ Knowledge, factos!

CBSE Marks Meme on Padhaku

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13. Be aware of friends!

CBSE Topper Friend Meme

14. How can we forget the aunties and relatives!

CBSE Results Meme on Relative

15. Wholesome!

CBSE Results Meme on Parents

16. Hope: CBSE Compartment Exams!

CBSE Failed Student Meme

17. Class 12th students are usually less scared!

CBSE Class 12th Results Meme

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18. Parents after declaration of class 10th results!

CBSE Class 10 Result Meme

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19. We should have this episode, for sure!

CBSE 10th Results Meme

20. Difficult course!

Backbenchers Meme on CBSE Results

We hope you take these CBSE results less seriously with these funny results memes.

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  1. CBSE kids add a line from a poetry they read in their NCERT textbook in 8th std as their insta bio and think they did something.


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