35 Funny Last Day of School Jokes For Kids

Last Day Of School Jokes on Kids and Teachers
Last Day Of School Jokes

The last day of school is usually memorable at any age. The day feels like we had a really short adventure together because it goes by so quickly. While most students are excited about the upcoming summer vacation, some may feel emotional. With the conclusion of the school year comes significant changes in a student’s social life; close friends may leave for the summer, relocate permanently, or change schools. Altogether, the day is a mixed bag of happiness and grief. To prepare for whatever may occur, here is a list of Last Day of School jokes to calm down your nerves.

Best Last Day of School Jokes 

Little Johnny was excited to go home on the last day of school.
“You must correctly answer a history question to be dismissed from class and go to the playground while your parents pick you up,” the teacher adds.

The teacher inquires, “Who was the first President of the United States? Maria?”

“That’s easy, George Washington!” Maria exclaims.

“You can now go to the playground. Next, what was the name of the war in which the states battled each other? Jose? “, inquired the teacher.

“Ummm….. the Civil War?” Jose answered.

“Correct! You are welcome to join Maria on the playground.”

As the teacher continues to ask questions, Little Johnny becomes increasingly upset that he was yet to be called on. He’s enraged in his seat, looking out the window at his students playing, groaned, and murmured, “God damn. Look at all those fucking Mexicans.”

“Who said that?!?” exclaims the teacher.

Little Johnny gets to his feet and says “Davy Crockett! Alamo! See ya!”

What do you call when a test tube baby finishes high school?

It has graduated cylinder now.

What happened when the student mooned his teacher?

She sued him for his hairy-assment.

Why does the broom not remember its last day of school?

Because it was sweeping the entire day.

Why did the teacher shed tears on the last day of school?

They were tears of joy.

How do you say farewell in French?


How do students in the Middle East bid farewell to each other on the last day of school?

They Dubai.

I bought photo frames for my friends as a gift for the last day of school for only a penny…

It was a good buy.

What happens on the Last Day of School?

Primary/Elementary School: Goodbye peeps!! *waves hands excitedly*

Secondary/Middle School: It was great, everything – and I will..miss everyone! Let’s meet up when we are free, ok? *tears in eyes*

High School: I am out of HERE!!!! – College here I come!!! I can smell the FREEDOM!

College: What the heck just happened? What do you mean it has been 3-4 years already? And now I’m supposed to join the workforce? NOOOOOOO.

35 Funny Last Day of School Jokes For Kids

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Which subject does a snake love to teach its students on the Last Day of School?


Why did Mary and Joseph not attend Virtual End-of-School Year celebration?

At the inn, there was no zoom.

Despite the fact that no one laughed, why did the Chemistry go on cracking Last Day of School jokes?

She was trying until she got a reaction.

Why do the teachers give End-of-Year Assignments?

It is their method of determining how bright the parent is.

The teacher and students were having a friendly chat on the last day of school.

Student: Sir, what’s it like being drunk?

Teacher: Do you spot those six desks? A drunk guy would see twelve.

Student: There are only three desks.

Where do math professors choose to spend their vacation time?

Times Square!

On the last day of school before summer, the florist’s kid presented the teacher with a gift. She shook it, held it up, and exclaimed, “I’m sure it’s some flowers!”

“That’s right!” replied the student.

The candy store owner’s daughter then presented the teacher with a gift. She raised it, shook it, and remarked, “I’m sure I know what it is! It’s a candy box!”

“That’s right!” exclaimed the student.

The next present came from the booze store owner’s son. The teacher held it.

She looked up and noticed that it was leaking. She pressed her finger against a drop, tasted it and inquired, “Is it the wine?”

“No,” the boy replied.

The teacher tasted another drop.

“Is that champagne?” she inquired.

“No,” the boy replied.

“What exactly is it?” she asked.

The student said,” A puppy.”

Where did the students spend their time gardening on the last day of school?

In kindergarden.

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What was the objective of the teacher’s drawing on window during last day school?

He wanted his lesson to be very clear for the students.

Knock, knock.

Who’s there?


Abby who?

Abby Last Day of School to you!

Students were instructed not to bring their instruments on the last day of school.

The choir kids had a hard time.

On the last day of school, why was the egg kicked out of class?

It kept telling yolks.

Why did the dog gift his teacher personalized stationery on the last day of school?

Because he was the teacher’s pet.

Why did the kid apologize for his terrible Chemistry jokes on the last day of school?

He explained that the good ones argon.

Why did the cows skip the last day of school?

They went to the moo-vies.

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What was the Algebra teacher’s favorite sum?


Why did the student eat his end-of-year assignment?

Well, the teacher told him that it was a piece of cake.

Why are teachers so rude on the last day of school?

It is because they have no class.

Why were the geometry teachers enjoying their end of year lunch in the teacher’s lounge?

They were having square meals.

Why was the music teacher sad on the last day of school?

He had lots of trebles.

Why was the magician invited on the last day of school?

Because he asked trick questions.

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The past, present, and future walk into the class for the last day of school.

It was tense.

Why did the teacher forget to take attendance on the last day of school?

She was absent-minded.

What drove the teacher to dive into the pool at home after the last day of school dismissal?

She wanted to test the waters.

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