30 Best Dad Joke Memes Visually Funny

Dad Joke Memes on Father
Funny Dad Joke Memes

Dad jokes, I propose, are an expression of the classic fatherly instinct to taunt one’s kids. What could be more amusing to mothers, sons, and daughters than silly jokes delivered by fathers (at least, he thinks they’re amusing)? On the outside, these one-liners appear to be puns that simply deviate from a sensible rule, making them lame and cringe. However, violating only a logical norm and nothing else is a violation of joke-telling rules, making these jokes a sort of anti-humor. So, we have created a list of the funniest Dad Joke Memes that are visually more hilarious for you to enjoy this humor.

Fathers (dads) aim to embarrass their children by purposefully violating joke-telling rules in this manner, thus working to undermine the lame pun against their children as a sort of good-natured teasing. Given their personality, it stands to reason that fathers would be highly susceptible to using dad jokes teasingly against their children in this manner, with the phenomenon bearing an illuminating resemblance to the roughhousing that fathers have engaged their children in since the dawn of our species. After all, dad jokes are at the heart of all father relationships and the foundation of every father’s persona.

Funny Dad Joke Memes

1. What would Wonder Woman and Spider-Man name their business? Amazon Web Services.

Dad Joke Meme on Wonder Woman And Spider-man

2. Bruce Lee was fast, but do you know he had an even faster brother? Sudden Lee.

Dad Joke Meme on Bruce Lee

3. I was on a diabetes awareness website and it asked me if I accept cookies… Is this a trick question?

Dad Joke Meme on Diabetes Cookie

4. My boss told me to have a good day … so I went home.

Dad Joke Meme on Boss

5. Honey, I’m pregnant! Hi Pregnant, I’m Dad!

Dad Joke Meme on Pregnant

6. What did the ice-cream say to the grumpy birthday cake? “What’s eating you?”

Dad Joke Meme On Ice Cream

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7. Tequila may not fix your life. But it’s worth a shot.

Funny Dad Joke Meme on Tequila

8. I’ve started telling people about the benefits of dried grapes. It’s all about raisin awareness.

Dad Joke Meme On Raisin

9. What’s the toughest part of being a vegan? Keeping it to yourself.

Dad Joke Meme on Vegan

10. What pronouns does chocolate use? Her/she.

Dad Joke Meme on Gaybar

11. Did you hear about the big Lego sale? People were lined up for blocks.

Dad Joke Meme On Lego Sale

12. Someone asked to name 2 structures that hold water. I was like, well damn.

Dad Joke Meme on Well Dam

13. I think my phone is broken. I pressed the home button and I’m still at work.

Dad Joke Meme on Home Button

14. What word becomes shorter when you add two letters to it? Short.

Dad Joke Meme on Short

15. What did our parents do to kill boredom before the internet? I asked my 10 brothers and sisters, but they don’t know either.

Dad Joke Meme on Big Family

16. What’s it called when a chameleon can’t change its colors anymore? A reptile dysfunction.

Dad Joke Meme on Chameleon

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17. When I’m around my Spanish-speaking friends I always use the word “mucho”… It means a lot to them.

Dad Joke Meme on Mucho

18. I am starting a business to teach short people math. It’s called making the little things count.

Dad Joke Meme on Maths

19. I joined a gym and said to the trainer, “I want to impress beautiful girls, which machine should I use?” “Try the ATM outside,” he said.

Dad Joke Meme on ATM

20. A guy tried to sell me a coffin. I told him that’s the last thing I need.

Dad Joke Meme on Coffin

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21. How can you get your wife’s attention? Sit down on a sofa and look comfortable.

Dad Joke Meme on Husband Wife

22. What do you call a line of men waiting to get haircuts? A barberqueue.

Dad Joke Meme on BBQ

23. What do you call someone who tells dad jokes but isn’t a dad? A faux pa.

Dad Joke Meme on Faux Pa

24. What do priests say to get rid of insects in the church? Let us spray.

Dad Joke Meme on Insect

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25. My wife asked me to go get 6 cans of Sprite from the grocery store. I realized when I got home that I had picked 7 up.

Dad Joke Meme on Sprite and 7up

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