20 Dirty Thanksgiving Memes For Adults

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Thanksgiving, oh, Thanksgiving. A time to meet with that step-aunt Karen you despise, or that strange uncle Bill who is busy trying to give your child beer he didn’t know he had. At the very least, you’ll get to eat a large, stale bird while awkwardly sitting across from each other and attempting not to acknowledge the massive rift between your political views. Anyway, Thanksgiving isn’t really a time to meet new people on dating apps. Anyways if you do, we know that distracting ourselves with a potential match is exactly what we need to get away from the stressful family drama. Or perhaps we’re just h*rny.

But what should you say!? The holidays, on the other hand, can be a great time to reach out because there’s an obvious place to start the conversation: “How was your Thanksgiving?” However, you may wish to be more inventive. If you’re stuck for an opening line, we’ve got you covered with memes. There’s no shame in laughing at a dirty Thanksgiving meme or sharing it with your match, partner, or adult friends. 

Adult Thanksgiving Memes

1. Notice someone going for a walk before eating?!

Thanksgiving Marijuana Meme on Walk

2. That creepy uncle at Thanksgiving dinner.

Thanksgiving Uncle Meme on Touchy

3. Lucky to sit on the adult’s table!

Racist Thanksgiving Meme on Uncle

4. Delicious pumpkin pie!

Adult Pumpkin Pie Meme

5. You know!

Thanksgiving Porn Meme on Dinner

6. People from Alabama deserve a meme too!

Alabama Thanksgiving Meme

7. A great feast!

Adult Mashed Potatoes Meme on Turkey

8. Poor underwear!

Thanksgiving Buying Underwear Meme

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Adult Thanksgiving Auntie Meme

10. Awkward moment!

Thanksgiving Orphan Meme

11. A fart joke on Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving Fart Meme on Gravy

12. Doing it on Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving Anal Meme on Turkey

13. The recipe for a great dinner!

Thanksgiving Blowjob Meme on Corn

14. Black… Friday?

Thanksgiving Grandma Meme on Black Friday

15. A very good stuffing!

Thanksgiving Stuffing Meme on Girlfriend

16. That’s the Kung-Pow Chicken!

Turkey Died Fighting Meme

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17. A cool way to show you care!

Happy Thanksgiving Meme For Adult

18. How did it go?!

After Thanksgiving Dinner Meme on Seduction

19. Food p*rn!

Dirty Thanksgiving Turkey Meme on Breast

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20. A perfect platform!

Thanksgiving Stripper Meme on Family

Aren’t you sick of the same old memes? Here’s a quick and dirty list of Thanksgiving memes for adults you can start using right away. We hope you enjoyed them!

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  1. On Thanksgiving I had the job of sq*irting the turkey with juices while it cooked…
    It was delicious, so you can pretty much call me the Masterbaster.


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