21 Black Friday Memes For A Great Deal Of Laughter

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Thanksgiving is one of the favorite holidays of a lot of people. it’s a day for food, family, and of course, giving thanks. But the day after Thanksgiving, Black Friday? It is the day when millions of people shake off their turkey comas leave their cozy homes and head out to fill up shopping carts with tons of stuff. People even get shot and trampled in a rush for deals. That’s why we have put up these relatable Black Friday memes for you to enjoy from the comfort of your homes.

This year in 2023 it falls on Friday, 24 November, So, this National Shopping Day, let’s recommit to choosing jokes over frenzy, spending time laughing instead of money, and being grateful for the things we already have (if we have). 

Funny Black Friday Memes

1. Memes are coming!

Black Friday Trampling Meme

2. End-of-the-world scenes!

Black Friday Walmart Meme

3. How ready are you? Me:

Black Friday Battle Cart Meme

4. Store employees have a big week ahead!

Black Friday Meme on Store Employee

5. How is Black Friday training going on?!

Black Friday Training Meme on Treadmill

6. Over simplification but true!

Black Friday Tent Meme on Sale

7. Searching for deals; Gotta catch ’em all!

Black Friday Discount Meme on Buyers

8. You know, I like my Fridays Black.

Thanksgiving Prayer Meme on Black Friday

9. First, we turkey, then we Target.

Black Friday Chaos Meme on Savages

10. Just hate last-minute shopping, it’s always unsuccessful!

Black Friday Reality Meme on Deals

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11. Poor guy!

Black Friday Retail Worker Meme At Home

12. Google and Facebook listen to us saving money, only to waste ours!

Black Friday Buying Meme on Google and Facebook

13. If you love it, buy it. Otherwise, someone else will.

Black Friday Shopping Meme on Customer

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14. Shopping is my cardio!

When the stores open on Black Friday Meme

15. If men liked shopping, they’d call it research!

Black Friday Robber Meme on Grandma

16. The Venn diagram of Black Friday!

Black Friday Venn Diagram Meme

17. That’s the best they can do!

Black Friday Nintendo Meme

18. It’s not going to be pretty. Good luck out there, brave shoppers!

Thanksgiving Vs Black Friday Meme

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19. Black Friday and Your Patriotic Duty.

Black Saturday Meme on Bill

20. May the odds be ever in your favor.

Funny Black Friday Meme on Hunger Games

21. Let us know in the comments if it works!

Black Friday Cure Meme on Tablet

Did you find these Black Friday memes relatable? Tell us in the comments section below!

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