20 Best Inflation Memes That Keep Rising

Inflation Memes on 50 Cent
Funny Inflation Memes

Will Rogers was a legendary humorist and comedian in the 1920s and 30s. Around the time of the great depression, Rogers had a great one-liner about the economy. He said,” Invest in inflation, it is the only thing going up.” Fast forward a century later, his joke still makes sense as inflation is setting records everywhere. The American inflation is at 8.5%, while the Canadian inflation is at 6.8%. In Britain, inflation has topped nine percent, the highest in 40 years and in India, wholesale inflation has reached 15.08%, the highest in nine years. In other words, this is a global cost of living crisis all over the world. Like Will Rogers, we needed to give you a break and so we have aggregated these funniest Inflation memes for you.

For once, let’s hope world leaders pull through this crisis because it affects the poorest of the poor. There are many complex numbers and complicated economics involved in it but in the end, it really comes down to two things – do you have food on your table and how expensive is that food.

Funny Inflation Memes

1. Get out of my bank account!

Inflation Pay Raise Meme

2. When you finally make it to middles class!

When You Finally Make It To Middle Class Meme On Inflation

3. No great view!

Inflation Shopping Meme

4. At last, inflation is good!

Inflation Is A Good Thing Meme

5. New $1 bills dropped!

Inflation United States Dollar Meme

6. No one likes Hyperinflation!

Hyperinflation Meme on Germany

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7. Someone is increasing interest rates!

Inflation Interest Rate Meme

8. No good signs for your paycheck!

Inflation Salary Meme

9. Is inflation affecting your family?

Is Inflation Affecting Your Family Meme

10. Creditors and Debtors – contrasting expressions!

Creditors and Debtors Meme

11. Print more money, please!

Money Meme on Inflation

12. Harold’s salary stays the same.

Inflation Meme on Grocery

13. Ain’t no matching demand!

Supply Demand Meme on Inflation

14. A funny inflation quote!

Funny Inflation Quote

15. Food and Gas Prices have hit a new low!

Inflation Gas Price Meme

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16. Someone give a hand!

Paid Bills Meme on Fallen on ground

17. After weekend night!

Bank Account Meme on Negative Balance

18. Batmobile modified after inflation!

Inflation Meme on Batmobile

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19. Inflation is supposed to be transitory!

Inflation Is Transitory Meme

20. Modern problems require modern solutions.

Inflation Meme on Product Price

Did you come across any funny Inflation memes? Please let us know in the comments section below!

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