15 Funny Revenge of the Fifth Memes to Celebrate May 5th

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Venture into the dark side of humor with our captivating collection of Revenge of the Fifth memes, tailor-made for Star Wars fans who appreciate a good laugh. Our blog showcases the perfect blend of Sith-inspired hilarity and iconic Star Wars references that will have you chuckling at the creative wit of fellow fans.

Whether you’re a die-hard supporter of the dark side or simply enjoy the galaxy-spanning saga, these memes offer endless entertainment and a fresh perspective on your favorite Star Wars moments. So, join us in celebrating Revenge of the Fifth with these side-splitting memes, and let the laughter be strong with you!

Happy Revenge of the Fifth Memes

1. Attention Jedi!

Funny Revenge Of The Fifth Meme on Darth Vader

2. It’s time!

Revenge of The Fifth Meme on Palpatine

3. A pretty sad Darth Vader!

Sad Darth Vader Meme on Cinco De Mayo

4. Revenge of the Sixth or Revenge of the Fifth?!

Happy Revenge of the Sixth Meme on Obi Confusion

5. That damn smile!

Funny Revenge Of the Fifth Meme on Han Solo

6. Ofcourse!

May The 4th Be With You Meme on Joker

7. Party on Darth!

Funny Revenge of The Sixth Meme on Sheev Palpatine

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8. Making sure that you don’t miss May the 5th!

May The Fifth Meme on Stormtrooper

9. Sad Sith noises!

Funny Sith Meme on 5th May

10. We are all here for Revenge of the Fifth!

Revenge of the 5th Meme on Han Solo

11. For ones who have to combine!

Revenge of The Fifth Celebration Meme on Juan

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12. La venganza de la quinta!

Cinco De Mayo Meme on Revenge of the Fifth

13. Here we present to you Juan Solo!

Juan Solo Meme on Cinco De Mayo

14. Never forget!

Happy Revenge Of The Fith Meme on Cat

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15. LOL!

Revenge Of The 5th Meme on Cinco De Mayo

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  1. Revenge of the Fifth: when Sith Lords and Star Wars fans alike gather to say, ‘May the Fourth be with you? I find your lack of faith disturbing.


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