35 Best Cinco de Mayo Memes For Celebrations

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Cinco de Mayo on the 5th of May is a commemoration of the victory of an outnumbered army of Mexicans over the French forces at the Battle of Puebla that took place on May 5th 1862. The triumph of the underdog Mexicans proved to the world that their will to defend their nation’s sovereignty will prevail against a powerful foreign invader. It is often mistaken as Mexico’s Independence Day which on the other hand is celebrated every 16th of September. Though Cinco de Mayo has begun as a relatively minor event in Mexico, today the United States of America significantly celebrates it by highlighting the Mexican-American culture. This day’s significance to world history is more than about having a day dedicated to feasting on Mexican food, getting margarita happy and wearing sombreros. Today, we have aggregated some of the funniest Cinco de Mayo Memes for you to start the celebrations with a burst of laughter.

Before taking a look at the funny memes, let’s learn a bit about the history of this Mexican festival. While France would go on to capture Mexico City, the victory at Puebla was praised and celebrated by Mexicans everywhere. When Mexican gold miners in California first heard the news of the May 5th victory, they celebrated enthusiastically. They shot off guns and fireworks, sang songs, and made speeches. This is regarded as one of the first Cinco de Mayo celebrations in the United States. Since that time, the holiday has been celebrated in the U.S. every year. As time progressed, Cinco de Mayo continued to become a more popular holiday in the United States, while largely being ignored in Mexico. In the 1940s, Cinco de Mayo celebrations became quite popular in communities with a large Mexican population such as Los Angeles and Houston.

While Cinco de Mayo celebrations continued to grow throughout the 1950s and 60s, it was still largely confined to California and a few other locations. It was not until the 1980s that Cinco de Mayo became widely known. Advertisers began to focus on the festive nature of the holiday and promote it across the U.S. Since then, Cinco de Mayo has taken on an entirely new meaning in the United States. It has become a celebration of Mexican culture and tradition (similar to how St. Patrick’s Day is treated as a celebration of Irish culture and heritage). Prominent symbols of Mexican heritage are displayed, with a heavy emphasis on food and music. American school children are taught about the historical importance of the day as well as contributions made to society by influential Mexican Americans. Cinco de Mayo is much less significant in Mexico. September 16th, which is Mexico’s Independence Day, is a much more widely celebrated holiday. While Cinco de Mayo is celebrated in some regions (especially Puebla), in other parts of Mexico it is largely ignored. However, students in Mexico do not have school on May 5th, and Mexican citizens do find pride in the significance of the day. Cinco de Mayo is celebrated throughout the United States, with more than 150 major Cinco de Mayo observances taking place in various cities. Other nations have joined in the fun as well. Cinco de Mayo festivities take place in Canada, Jamaica, Australia, New Zealand, and more.

Happy Cinco de Mayo Memes

1. They should?

Fourth July Meme on Cinco De Mayo

2. Well, it does!

St Patrick Day Meme on Cinco De Mayo

3. Not a single ripe Avocado.

Avocado Meme on Cinco de Mayo

4. Cinco de Mayo Titanic Meme.

Cinco de Mayo Titanic Meme

5. May the fifth be with you!

May The Fifth Be With You Meme

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6. I’m Mexican today!

I am Mexican now meme on Cinco De Mayo

7. Déjà vu!

Tequila Meme on Cinco De Mayo

8. Revenge of the fifth!

Revenge of the Fifth Meme on Cinco De Mayo

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9. Early Cinco de Mayo celebrations.

Cinco de Mayo Meme on Baby

10. That’s interesting!

Teacher Appreciation Week on Cinco de Mayo

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11. Here we go, again.

Funny Cinco de Mayo Meme on Drunk

12. The Three Amigos!

Three Amigos Cinco de Mayo Meme

13. Too much food or embarrassment?

Cinco de Mayo Meme on Mexican Food

14. But you have to work.

Cinco de Mayo Work Meme

15. It is, amigo!

Cinco de Mayo Meme on Batman Slap Robin

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16. Girl Starter Pack.

Cinco De Mayo Starter Pack Meme on Finance Girl

17. Celebration at work.

Cinco de May Boss Meme on Work

18. That’s a tough one, bro!

Funny Meme on Cinco de Mayo

19. Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Seis de Mayo Meme

20. Nurses celebrating Cinco de Mayo!

Nurse Day Meme on Cinco De Mayo

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21. Let’s taco about it.

Happy Cinco de Mayo Meme on Lets Taco bout it

22. The favorite meme.

Sinko de Mayo Meme

23. That’s tradition.

Cinco de Mayo Meme on Mexican Rick

24. Good vanquishing evil.

Cinco de Mayo Meme on Drugs

25. It’s only Cinco de Tres.

Cinco de Tres Meme

26. Ready for Sinko de Mayo?

Hilarious Juneteenth Meme

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27. Happy Gringo de Mayo!

Happy Gringo de Mayo Meme


Hilarious Cinco de Mayo meme on White People

29. For the food!

Buid The Wall Meme on Cinco de mayo

30. Yup, that’s true!

Funny Cinco de mayo meme on brown killing white people

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31. That kinda awkward!

Cinco de Mayo Meme on Trump Supporters

32. WTH?

Funny Cinco de mayo meme on Build The Wall

33. Feliz Cinco De Mayo from Godzilla!

Feliz Cinco De Mayo Meme on Godzilla

34. Happy Cinco De Mayo!

Happy Cinco De Mayo Meme on El Guapo

35. Juan Solo!

Juan Solo Meme on Cinco De Mayo

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36. Happy Revenge of the 5th!

Revenge Of The 5th Meme on Cinco De Mayo

We’d like to wish everyone’s friends and family a safe and happy Cinco de Mayo! Have a blast!

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