Why Xavier Memes Are Trending?

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Xavier meme origin and meaning
Xavier Meme – Origin And Meaning

The Xavier meme originates from an Indian origin person named Pakalu Papito living in an IT firm in Minneapolis, Minnesota who went viral in the year 2015. Pakalu Papito started using Twitter going by the handle @pakalupapito when he placed a bet with his friends that he will cross 5k followers mark on the microblogging site. The popular use of Xavier meme is to mock someone by using their photos and adding a punny comment onto it.

On July 2013, the user @pakalupapito started posting funny tweets which gathered massive interest from people all over the world. The guy also created a Facebook account and started reposting his tweets to the Facebook account. In 2015, @PakaluPapito had around 800k Twitter followers and 500k Facebook page followers. Sadly, both his original Twitter accounts were taken down by Twitter and Facebook but, the screenshots of his tweets were already trending. Since then, many anonymous users have created Twitter and Facebook account using his name and posting funny tweets. And Xavier username is one of them.

How did Xavier memes start trending and what is its meaning?

The Facebook page @idealistxavier was created on 29 October 2020 and started sharing memes and screenshots with his funny comments on them. The Facebook page has now garnered 350k followers within 20 days of page creation. The trend picked up and many people started posting memes with Xavier’s punny comments in them. Hope this explains your query on why Xavier meme is trending along with its meaning.


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  1. Xavier memes are trending because they are funny and relatable. They are also a way for people to express their feelings and connect with others.


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