50 Funny Big Nose Jokes That Nose (Knows) No Bounds

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Jessica Amlee


Big Nose Jokes have long been a staple of humor that embraces the spirit of lightheartedness and fun. These playful jests aim to tickle your funny bone and celebrate the uniqueness of our facial features, proving that laughter truly is the best medicine. But, why do people make fun of people who have a big honker or schnoz? Because the person with a big nose is prepared since they can smell the jokes coming from a mile away. Jokes aside, everyone has physical characteristics that they have no control over. Self-depredation is the best defense and it builds confidence and character.

The beauty of these jokes lies in their ability to find humor in our differences, poking fun at one of the most prominent facial features while reminding us not to take ourselves too seriously. So, let’s dive into the world of big nose jokes, and as we chuckle along, remember that laughter is a universal language that can unite us all.

Best Big Nose Jokes

What did the boss say to the employee?
“Your nose is on time and you are 15 minutes late!”

Why do gorillas have big noses?
Because they have big fingers.

Your nose so big, when you’re laying down, it works as a sundial.

What do you call a guy with a big orange nose?
Sir. The man has enough on his plate without being treated as a lesser individual by society.

Your nose so big, when you were doing the backstroke, the lifeguard had the beach evacuate thinking it was a shark.

Do you know what they say about guys with big noses?
They smell good!

What do you call a dinosaur with a big nose?
A rhinosaur.

Your nose so big that your head got jammed when you were being born!

What do protestors and people with big noses have in common?
They both know how to picket.

Why are big nostril jokes inappropriate?
They’re Two on the Nose!

Who has a big nose and can predict the future?

A really handsome man is involved in a catastrophic car accident.
His life is saved by the surgeons, but he loses an eye. He is temporarily provided with a wooden eye until a glass one can be inserted. Because of his vision loss, the man feels melancholy and sits at home moping. His pals eventually come over and bring him out to a bar to try to cheer him up. He’s still sitting at the bar, looking gloomy and not saying much. One of his pals suggests he approach a lovely girl who appears to be alone at the bar. “No, she’ll never go for a man with a wooden eye,” says the man. “Okay, how about that girl over there,” his pal says. “She has a really big nose.”
The man walks over to the girl and asks, “Would you like to dance?”
Very excited, and shocked, to be asked to dance by such an attractive man, the woman says, “Would, I?! Would I?!”
To which the man quickly responds, “Big nose! Big nose!”

Your nose so big that it would scare a fully grown man!

You know what they say, “Big shoes, big nose, big hands?”
Probably a clown.

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What do you call the face of a person with a big nose?
The face of Covid swab addiction.

Your nose so big that it made an anime girl cry!

Did you hear about the kid with a big nose in the park?
He looks like something you’d find in a bin for rejected Muppets.

One big nose said to the other big nose, “Um I think something is dripping out of you…”
And the nose replied, “No, it is snot!!”

Your nose so big that Walt Disney was inspired by it!

Your nose so big that I can’t tell if your lying or not!

Do you know what they say about a guy with big feet, right?
He wears big shoes.
Do you know what they say about a guy with big hands, right?
He wears big gloves.
Do you know what they say about a guy with big feet, big hands, and a big nose, right?
He better be packin’ because he’s a goofy lookin’ son-of-a-bitch!

What happens when a big-nosed guy runs into a wall with a boner?
He would break his nose!

What do you call a man with no legs and a really big nose?
An amputee.

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Yo mama’s nose so big, she can smell a fart coming.

Yo mama’s nose is so big, when she lies down, it looks like the Batcave.

Yo mama’s nose so big she makes Pinocchio look like a cat!

An anteater walks into a bar.
“Having a nice day?” asks the barman.
“Noooooooo, noooooo, noooooo!” says the anteater.
“Why the long nos?” asks the barman.
“It’s always been like this,” says the anteater.

Yo nose so big that when you sneeze, everyone runs for cover!

Yo mama’s nose is so big you can go bowling with her boogers!

Why are elephants’ noses so big?
So they can scratch their bums!

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Why do Jews have such big noses?
The air is free.

What’s the worst thing about having a big nose?
Birds are always perching on it!

What’s worse than having a big nose?
Having a big nose and tiny hands!

Why can’t your nose be 14 inches long?
Because then it would be a foot!

Why do people with big noses make great detectives?
They can sniff out clues from miles away!

What did the big nose say to the small nose?
“I’ve got more scents than you!”

Why are people with big noses always the first to arrive?
Because they’re always a few inches ahead!

Why was the big nose so good at playing hide and seek?
It could always “nose” out the best hiding spots!

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What do you call a big nose that tells jokes?
A “comedy-scent-tral” figure!

Why did the big nose become a weather forecaster?
It could always smell a storm coming!

Why do big noses make great musicians?
They have a keen sense of “nose”-talgia!

What comes out of a big nose at 200 miles per hour?
A Lambo-greenie!

Why did the snowman have a big nose?
Dude, picked it himself!

Why was the big nose totally exhausted?
It had been running all day!

Why was the big nose feel disappointed at football practice?
It didn’t get picked!

What’s the best advantage of having a big nose?
You’re the first to know when dinner’s ready!

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