70 Big Forehead Jokes To Make You Laugh

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Have a big forehead? You have undoubtedly been roasted numerous times with big head jokes. But don’t feel bad. People love to point out and make fun of our unique characteristics. At the very least, you can conceal it with a hat or bangs. It’s less stressful to deal with than having a large, prominent nose sticking out in the center of your face.

People with larger heads are more intelligent, according to scientific evidence. It’s a fact you should bring up the next time your dimwitted friend tries to forehead shame you. If you want to up the game then you can always go with the comeback, “My forehead is bigger than your future.”

Funny Big Head Jokes

Here we have aggregated the best of the dad jokes, yo mama jokes, and your head so big jokes.

Forehead Dad Jokes

What do a sinking ship and how big your head has in common?

Why can’t HumorNama share a lot of forehead jokes?
They are too long, you wouldn’t get them.

What does a big-headed kid want to become when he grows up?

Why do big-headed students hate Maths?
It is way over their heads.

Remember the young child with a large head whom everyone called “Pumpkin head”?
Eventually, my body grew into my head. Now everyone calls me “pumpkin man”.

Why do big forehead people never go broke?
They can always rent out parking spots on your forehead.

Why does god love big forehead people?
He gave them one face and started clearing off a place for another.

Why are some confused looking at a large forehead?
They are trying to figure out if that’s the forehead or the moon.

What is the biggest achievement of a mountain climber?
Successfully climbing your forehead.

Why did the blonde have makeup on her forehead?
Someone told her to make up her mind.

Why do most philanthropists have a big forehead?
They donate it to charity for shelter.

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What do most people with big foreheads do as a part-time?
As a projector backdrop at the movies.

What if a big forehead guy had a stroke?
It would look like a landslide gone wrong.

What do you call a really big forehead?
A fivehead.

Why are big forehead people super rich?
They make a lot of money by selling billboard space on your forehead.

Remember the documentary on big forehead people?
They called it Coneheads.

Did you hear about the newborn with a big forehead?
The mother spent half of the time in the delivery room giving birth to just its head.

What if you attach a solar panel to a big forehead?
You could power the whole neighborhood.

“All the kids make fun of me,” the boy cried to his mother, “They say I have a big head.”
“Don’t listen to them,” his mother comforted him, “You have a beautiful head. Now stop crying and go to the store for ten pounds of potatoes.”
“Where’s the shopping bag?”
“I haven’t got one, use your hat.”

Why do fat chicks give good head?
Because they have to.

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Your Forehead So Big Jokes

Your forehead so big, even Dora can’t explore it.

Your forehead so big, when they measure your temperature they say you have global warming.

Your forehead so big, I could land an aircraft carrier on it.

Your forehead so big, I could watch a movie on it.

Your forehead so big, your dreams are in 3D.

Your forehead so big, the Snapchat filter didn’t even know where to put the damn horns.

Your forehead so big, you can build a parking lot on it.

Your forehead so big, it can fit an NBA court.

Your forehead so big, you use a mattress as a pillow.

Your forehead so big, its the only thing guys manage to nut on.

Your forehead so big, a group of friends can even play wii sports on it.

Your forehead so big, you have to step into your shirts.

Your forehead so big, the photo on your Driver’s License says, “to be continued on the back.”

Your head so big, “lather, rinse, repeat” isn’t enough.

Your head so big, your ears are in different time zones.

Your head so big, the airlines charge you an extra $25 to bring it aboard.

Your head so big, we would need Jupiter to make your bobblehead.

Your forehead is a 20-mile taxi ride from your eyebrows to your hairline.

Your forehead so big, it gets home before you do.

Your forehead so big, it has its own gravitational pull.

Your forehead so big, the teachers use it as a whiteboard.

Your forehead so big your inner thought echo

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Yo Mama’s Forehead So Big Jokes

Yo momma’s head is so big, it shows up on radar.

Yo mama’s forehead so big, the UN passed a bill declaring it a sovereign state.

Yo mama’s head so big, Goodyear is renting it out.

Yo mama’s head so big, she uses a fitted sheet as a bonnet.

Yo mama’s head so big, she dreams in IMAX.

Yo mama’s head so big, there are mall directories on her ears.

Yo mama’s head so big, it appears as though she suffers from either pathologic megalencephaly or cranial hyperostosis, which is very sad.

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Yo mama’s head so big, her AirPods are in different countries.

Yo mama’s head so big, her passport photo was printed on a DVD-R.

Yo mama’s head so big her head can’t fit through her shirt hole!

Yo mama’s head so big, if she doesn’t give a head then what the f*ck is she living for?

Yo mama’s head so big, she washes her hair at Niagara Falls.

Yo mama’s head so big, they call her beany.

Yo mama’s head so big, they discovered she’s a planet.

Yo mama so bald, if you look at her head you’ll go blind.

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Yo mama‘s head so big, you wear a bed sheet for a bandana.

Yo mama’s forehead so big, if they drew an H on it maybe Kobe could’ve landed.

Your mama’s forehead so big, it made Mona Lisa smile.

Your mama’s forehead so big, your face is on your chin.

Your mama’s forehead, so big it makes Kanye’s ego small.

Yo mama’s forehead so big, NASA thought it was Mars.

Your mama’s forehead so big, Megamind thought she was his sister.

Your mama’s forehead so big and shiny, it looks like a solar field.

Your mama’s forehead so big, you could roast meat on it.

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