90 Funny Clown Jokes And Puns That Are Laughing Stock

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Reports of eerie clown sightings sent shivers down the spines of people all across the world in the previous decade. Despite the fact that Halloween is near or over, people always create clown makeup tutorials and TikTok videos.

Clowns have existed in various forms since the dawn of time and these jokes are no different. It should come as no surprise that clowns are appearing in humor as of 2022. Look no further than these clown jokes if you’re searching for a good chuckle! We’ve gathered the most amusing clown puns we could discover, and we know you’ll enjoy them. So sit back, unwind, and enjoy these hilarious jokes about jesters and jokers!

Best Clown Jokes

Remember that clown from IT?
Always joking around when he should be fixing computers.

What do you call a clown who is smart with his money?

Did you hear about a clown holding the door open for me?
It was such a nice jester!

A crook was walking around downtown the other day when he saw a clown doing balloon animals; he had a sign that read, “Rob The Balloon Guy.”
So he looked at the sign, looked at him, and shrugged his shoulders. Then he beat the crap out of the clown, stole his wallet, and took all his stuff. Maybe he should put a different sign out there.

What clown has killed more children than “It”?
Ronald McDonald.

What should you do if you ever get in a knife fight with a group of clowns?
Go for the juggler!

It must be tough having the world’s best clown as your dad.
You would have such big shoes to fill.

A young boy and a clown are going through the dense forest.
“Man, these forests sure are scary,” the boy says.
The clown replies, “You’re telling me! I have to walk out of here alone!”

What do you get when you boil a clown?
A laughing stock.

What is the difference between a well-dressed man on a bicycle and a poorly dressed clown on a tricycle?

Why did the clown go to the doctor?
Because he was feeling funny.

Did you hear about the fifty clowns who got fired from the circus?
Luckily, it freed up three parking spots.

What if your wife dated a clown before she started going out with you?
You had some pretty big shoes to fill.

One friend asked the other, ”How many clowns you saw at the carnival today?”
“A fair amount,” replied the other.

Why did the clown take a bunch of laxatives?
For sh*ts and giggles.

What did the circus boss tell the clown who asked for raise?
“20 years working for me and you finally make me laugh.”

What stops a clown from laughing?
A bullet.

Remember the neighbor girl who said she wanted a guy who was “funny and spontaneous?”
Well, her stalker showed up at her kitchen window late at night wearing a clown suit and suddenly it’s all panic and screaming…!

Why is paying a clown to blow up balloons at a party pretty expensive?

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What do you get when you drain a hot tub full of clowns?
Several gallons of laughing stock.

Why was the kleptomaniac clown visiting the liquor store?
He was lifting their spirits.

What’s the difference between a clown and an athletic rabbit?
One is a little bit funny and the other is a little fit bunny.

What’s the difference between a comedian and a clown?
One leads Ukraine, the other leads Russia.

A clown bets an old man $100 so he can make him laugh. The man says, “Sure, it won’t happen.”
Clown asks, “What do you call someone posing as a fake Italian chef? An im-pasta”
Man doesn’t laugh.
Clown asks, “What do you get when you cross a tiger and a bear? A tiger and a bear seeking revenge.”
No response.
Clown asks, “Which superhero asks the most questions? Wonder Woman.”
Clown asks, “Have you heard of the baseball team the Chicago Hot Dogs? They are the wurst.”
Doesn’t crack a smile.
Clown asks, “Why was the alcoholic so annoying? He wined too much.”
The clown starts to get nervous.
Clown asks, “The disinterested hockey player got a penalty. What was it? Boarding.”
Blank look.
Clown asks, “What is a nun’s favorite card game? Old Maid.”
Clown asks, “How do crustaceans celebrate birthdays? With crab cakes.”
Clown asks, “What do you call a champion deer? A Win-doe.”
Grasping at straws.
Finally, Clown asks, “How do sheep sleep when they have nightmares? Baaaaadly.”
He never laughs. Clown gives him his $100 and asks, “Did any of my jokes make you laugh?”
The man says, “No pun-in-ten-did.”

Remember when a bunch of us in a car just ran over a clown?
Tragic sure but soon we can look back and laugh.

Do you know that Einstein was considered a clown when he proposed his famous equation?
Particle physics is a serious business, and some people felt that E=mc2 really made light of the matter.

How do you know that air travel has not become a circus?
Circuses may feature the same level of animal cruelty, sadness, and clowns as air travel, but circuses actually start on time.

Why it’s not racist for a white person to put on a white face?
That’s just clowning around.

Did you hear about the mass shooting at the circus?
A dyslexic clown got confused about the 2nd Amendment and armed the Bears.

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What do you call a clown that gives you flowers?
A romantic Jester.

What’s the worst part about playing tag with a clown?
When the clown is it.

What isn’t remotely funny?
A clown working from home.

At a clown’s funeral, everybody brought flowers.
There wasn’t a dry face in the house.

On a hot day, a man enters a bar for a drink. There are only the bartender and a pianist in the bar.
The piano suddenly opens, revealing a clown. The man is taken aback, but the pianist continues to play as if nothing has happened. The man wipes his eyes and decides to take it easy, ordering a glass of water. But five minutes later, another clown emerges, followed by another, and the pianist remains unconcerned.
Finally, the guy has had enough. He goes up to the piano player and says, “Do you know three clowns just climbed out of your piano?” The piano player responds, “No, but if you hum a few bars I can probably fake it.”

Where does a Viking clown go when they die?
To ValHaHa.

Nobody was scared when the clown invasion started at the beach
”I mean, it’s just one boat,” they said. ”How bad can it be?”

Women say they like a man who is “funny” and “spontaneous”
But you knock on their bedroom window at midnight wearing a clown costume and suddenly it’s all screaming and throwing things and police sirens.

What happens when a clown retires?
Don’t know, but it’s safe to say whoever’s gonna replace him has big shoes to fill.

Do you know that we celebrated the first-ever holiday dedicated to clowns just one day ago?
It was jesterday.

Do you know about clown farts?
They smell funny.

Remember how a strange man in a clown outfit came into the office and inquired about the computer?
He says he is with IT.

What do you call a short clown?
A little funny.

Did you hear about the clown who lived in the desert?
He had a dry sense of humor.

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How would you describe Persian clowns?

What do clowns have for dinner?
Laughed overs.

Do you know about the clown who takes his job very seriously?
His boss says, “You need to change your attitude.”

A couple with children was trying out a new babysitter. About an hour after they left for a night on the town, they realized they had forgotten to give her their cell phone number, so one of them called her.
After she wrote down the number, the babysitter asked if she could watch satellite TV in their bedroom. She had just put the children to bed and wanted to watch a particular show. (The parents didn’t want their children watching too much garbage, so the living room TV did not have satellite channels.
“Well of course she could watch TV in their room,” they replied. The babysitter had one other request, “Could I put a sheet or blanket over the clown statue that was in the bedroom? It kind of made me nervous.”
“Take the children and go to the neighbors,” whispered the father. “We’re calling the police. No one insults our clown statue.”

How do you make a clown cry?
Break his funny bone.

What do you call a clown’s balls?

What did the paranoid clown say to his tax attorney?
“Find anything funny?”

What do you call a big, prejudiced, scary clown?
A big It.

What tastes funny and is considered a cannibal’s version of sardines?
A full clown car.

A teenager, a performing arts student, was recently killed in an accident in Toronto.
He was putting himself through school by working as a birthday clown and had to take the subway to get around. He was going to his next gig and his floppy shoes caught on his baggy trousers, since he was a little too close to the edge, he fell in front of the train.
Friends and family have tried to get the transit commission to adjust the signage but they won’t do anything. They said he was just another victim of circus-pants.

Have you seen the clown at Walmart that hides from gay people?
Of course you haven’t.

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What is Pennywise, the Clown’s preferred pronoun?

Why don’t clowns invest their money in the market?
They’d be the laughing stock.

What material are a clown’s breast implants made out of?

Do you know what’s not funny anymore?
Retired clowns.

On ‘Take Your Child to Work Day,’ an 8-year-old girl went to work with her father. As they walked around the office, the small girl began crying and becoming irritable, and her father inquired as to what was wrong with her.
As the staff gathered round she sobbed loudly, “Daddy, where are all the clowns that you said that you worked with?”

What do you call a meat-eating clown who also works as a prostitute?
A carny-whore.

Did you guys hear about that clown orgy?
It was f*cking in tents.

What is the Japanese word for clown p*rn?

Why do clowns wear deodorant?
Because they smell funny.

What do a clown and a po*nstar have in common?
They both know how to juggle some serious balls.

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What kind of track does a clown car race on?
A laugh track.

What do you call a crazy clown?
A balloonatic.

Why was the clown stressed out?
Because his work was intense.

A blind clown is asked by a children’s hospital to perform. He is taken into the amputee ward where he starts his performance by cracking jokes, but not a single kid laughs.
“A song, perhaps,” he thinks. “That’ll cheer ‘em up!” “Ifffffff you’re happy and you know it….”

How do you tell if a priest acts as a birthday clown in his spare time?
The wine tastes funny.

If you get a D in a clown class…
Do you still get fool credit? Or do you have to take a makeup class?!

What do you get when two clowns breed?
A joke.

Why don’t adults pay for party clowns at adult parties?
Because the clowns show up for free, wear more expensive make up, and only laugh at themselves and eachothers jokes about the non-clowns.

What do you call a sad clown?
A frown.

What kind of shoes do clowns wear to go ice skating?

What do you call a clown in jail?
A Silicon.

Remember the dude who used to manufacture clown shoes?
No small feet.

One clown asked another clown, “Why do elephants paint their toenails red?”
The second clown thought and replied that he didn’t know.
The first clown said, “So they can hide in cherry trees! Have you ever seen an elephant in a cherry tree?”
“No,” replied the second clown.
“See how well it works!”

What’s brown and smells funny?
Clown shit.

What did Gordon Ramsay say when he caught a clown in bed with the Egyptian Sun God?
IT’s f*cking Ra.

What did one clown say to another while eating cannibal?
“I think we got this joke wrong.”

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What stops a clown’s laughter?

What do you call a giant racist clown?
A big IT.

Why did the clown quit juggling?
Because things were getting out of hand.

What do you get when you cross a psychic with a clown?
A happy medium.

Why did the clown college student fail his driver’s ed course?
He didn’t study the silly bus.

Why did the clown put his jokes in the suitcase?
Jest in case!

What do you call Harley Quinn’s genitals?
Insane Clown Pussy.

What do you call a clown that sells drugs?
Ronald Smackdonald.

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