40 Funny Boxing Day Jokes And Puns for Holiday Hangover

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Boxing Day, celebrated on December 26th, is like the relaxed cousin of Christmas Day. It’s the day when people in the UK, Canada, Australia, and other Commonwealth countries chill out after the Christmas frenzy. Traditionally, it was the day to give gifts to the less fortunate, but nowadays, it’s more about nursing food comas, navigating the chaos of post-Christmas sales, and asking, “What do we even do with all these leftovers?” Think of it as a day dedicated to lounging in your new Christmas pajamas, wondering why you thought eating that much was a good idea. For sports fans, it’s a day packed with football and cricket matches, giving everyone a chance to yell at the TV for something other than a bad Christmas movie.

Boxing Day jokes, then, are all about poking fun at these post-Christmas shenanigans. These jokes are a way to keep the holiday spirit alive with laughter, reminding us that the fun doesn’t stop just because Christmas Day has passed. They’re perfect for sharing a giggle with family or friends as you all try to figure out how to fit another piece of pie in your already-full stomachs. In the world of Boxing Day jokes, it’s all about finding humor in the holiday hangover, proving that sometimes, the best gift of all is a good laugh.

Best Boxing Day Jokes

First, let’s start with jokes. And later on, we’ll have some puns too.

Today is Boxing Day in the UK, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia. Do you know when Boxing Day is celebrated in the United States?
Black Friday.

As you all carry on with your Christmas festivities have you spared a thought for workers?
Yes, the footballers who have to work on this Boxing Day.

Son: Dad, why do they call it Boxing Day?
Dad: Because that’s the day all the supermarkets get the boxes out and fill the shelves full of Easter eggs.

What’s the proper way to celebrate Boxing Day?
Body shots.

What is Boxing Day
It’s a magical time of year, when companies send you amazing emails with pictures of all the stuff you just bought from them, at half-price.

A man and his wife are sitting and watching a boxing match on television.
The husband sighs and complains, “This is disappointing. It only lasted for 30 seconds!”
“Good,” replied his wife.
“Now you know how I always feel.”

If today is Boxing Day, what do you call tomorrow?
Ice pack and bandaid day.

The day after Christmas is Boxing Day. What do you call the day after New Year’s?
Return to Reality Day.

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Happy Boxing Day.
Because nothing says “The Spirit Of The Christmas” like fighting over a parking space at the mall.

Why do fighters love the second day of Christmas?
Because it’s Boxing Day.

What’s a cat’s favorite holiday?
Boxing Day.

A wife came downstairs on the Boxing Day morning.
“You had too much to eat yesterday. You’ve got a hangover, haven’t you,” the husband asked.
“You don’t get a hangover from eating too much,” wife replied.
“You do,” he said. “For f*ck’s sake loosen your belt, it’s disgusting.”

What is a martial artist’s favorite holiday?
Boxing Day!

What’s the real boxing on Boxing Day?
Trying to fit all the holiday decorations back into their boxes.

Why is Boxing Day the best day for a nap?
Because everyone’s already out for the count!

Did you hear about this man who told his gym they should celebrate Boxing Day?
They just added more punching bags!

Why do shoppers love Boxing Day?
Because it’s the only day when it’s okay to throw elbows for deals!

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What is the difference between Boxing Day in Canada and the US?
In Canada, it’s when they give to the poor. In the US, it’s when they return the sh*tty gifts you got for Christmas.

How appropriate is the name Boxing Day?
It’s called Boxing Day because it makes retail workers want to go 10 rounds with dumb customers.

Did you hear about the English husband whose wife asked him ‘why they call today boxing day?’
So he gave her a couple of jabs and a swift uppercut for asking stupid questions.

What did one Boxing Day sale sign say to the other?
“Beat it, I’m the better deal!”

Why did we have Chinese food on Boxing Day?
The whole “dog for Christmas” thing wasn’t a hit.

What’s Mike Tyson’s favorite holiday?
Boxing day!

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Best Boxing Day Puns

  • I’m addicted to Boxing Day sandwiches. I’ll have to go cold turkey.
  • Last year I became addicted to Boxing Day lunches. I had to go cold turkey.
  • Boxing Day in Canada is the only day it’s legal to punch someone in the face.
  • Even though it’s already Boxing Day I still haven’t taken down some of my Halloween decorations. I’ve got a skeleton in my closet.
  • Every year at my house, the toilet ends up blocked on Boxing Day. Damn puppies never flush easily.
  • In many countries in the world, the day after Christmas is called Boxing Day. It gets a little rough, but so far I’m undefeated.
  • So yesterday was Boxing Day, does that mean that today is ice pack and bandaid day?!
  • A quiet Boxing Day morning. Just the faint crinkling sound of arteries hardening all over the Western world.
  • Just put a whole new meaning to Boxing Day by knocking out my wife within the first 10 seconds of it!
  • My Irish neighbor bought a pair of water skis for Christmas. He spent all Boxing Day out looking for a sloping lake.
  • It’s a day for Canadians to remind themselves of their difference from their American neighbours.

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