20 Best Boxing Day Memes to Knockout Your Holiday Blues

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Boxing Day is the day after Christmas when your living room looks like it’s been through twelve rounds with Mike Tyson, and the only punches being thrown are for the last piece of turkey. Traditionally, it’s a holiday to give gifts to the less fortunate, but let’s be real, it’s mostly about snagging deals in the sales and eating leftovers while wearing pajamas all day. It’s the time when your fridge is so full, you need a map to find the butter. And in the spirit of this quirky holiday, Boxing Day memes have become the latest contender in the ring of internet humor.

Now, let’s dive into the world of Funny Boxing Day Memes, where the gloves are off, and the laughs are on. These memes are like the heavyweight champion of holiday humor, packing a punchline in every jab. They capture the chaos of post-Christmas sales with more accuracy than a GPS tracking Santa’s sleigh. Imagine a meme showing a grandma elbowing her way through a crowd for a half-price blender, captioned “Grandma’s got moves!” Or a funny picture of a cat, buried in wrapping paper, looking more confused than a reindeer in a car wash. That’s the knockout power of Boxing Day memes – making us laugh at the holiday madness, one meme at a time.

Funny Boxing Day Memes

1. The Boxing Day Match We Need!

Happy Boxing Day Meme on Santa

2. When is Unboxing Day?!

Unboxing Day Meme on Yes No Bling

3. Surely in Russia!

Best Boxing Day Meme on Polar Bear

4. Nah, not boxer day, mate!

Boxer Day Meme on Dog

5. No, not again!

Boxing Day Dog Meme

6. Happy Birthday to all those who were born on Boxing Day!

Boxing Day Happy Birthday Meme

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7. Not a great moment, tbh!

Boxing Day Shopping Meme

8. All those Americans, who didn’t know!

Boxing Day Mike Tyson Meme

9. Who Says ‘Day After Christmas’?!

Day After Christmas Meme on Boxing Day

10. Open the door!

Rude Boxing Day Meme on UK Sales

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11. Back to work is tough!

Back To Work Meme After Christmas

12. Tough guys lurking on Internet!

Best Boxing Day Internet Meme on Tough Guys

13. Boxing Day eve is the best!

Boxing Day Eve Meme

14. Bye Bye!

Boxing Day Meme on Mariah Carey

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15. Sacred Day for the cats!

Cat Calendar Meme on 26 December

16. Both are wrong, unfortunately!

Funny Boxing Day Cat Meme

17. Too many boxes!

Funny Boxing Day Meme on Boxes

18. That’s the Holiday week for you!

Funny Holiday Meme on Vince Crying

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19. Santa needs your help!

Santa Meme on 26 December

20. Another Christmas? Ready?!

Second Christmas Meme on Boxing Day

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