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Cyber Monday, the digital cousin of Black Friday, marks a day of monumental online shopping deals that follow Thanksgiving in the United States. It’s a day when retail websites experience a surge in traffic as millions of people scramble to snag the best deals. Originally coined in 2005, Cyber Monday has evolved into a global phenomenon, with retailers offering discounts on everything from electronics to clothing. The day is synonymous with clicking frenzy, as shoppers refresh their browsers with the determination of Olympic athletes, all in pursuit of that elusive ‘perfect deal.’ This shopping extravaganza highlights the shift from in-store to online retail, making it a prime subject for light-hearted commentary and jokes.

When it comes to Cyber Monday jokes, there’s a lot of material to work with. Think of the humorous side of desperately trying to add items to your cart before they sell out, or the amusing scenarios of shopping from the comfort of your bed while still recovering from Thanksgiving dinner. There’s a playful side to the technologically savvy shoppers who have more browser tabs open than a NASA control room, all in the quest for discounts. The day also lends itself to jokes about the absurdity of buying things you don’t need, just because they’re on sale, or the post-Cyber Monday realization when your bank account gives you a reality check. In the end, Cyber Monday isn’t just a shopping day; it’s a cultural phenomenon ripe for some good-natured humor.

Best Cyber Monday Jokes

Is Cyber Monday really about shopping?
“Apologies to my friends on my chat list…”

Why do most hope that Cyber Monday extends to the deep web?
Because they are going to need a discount on a new liver after all of that Thanksgiving drinking!

How are restaurants and online shopping alike?
You have to give your order to the server.

Why shouldn’t you camp outside for deals anymore?
Because on Cyber Monday, the only ‘bugs’ one encounters are in the software.

What’s the safest way to shop on Cyber Monday?
Stay out of the comments sections – that’s where the real ‘keyboard warriors’ are!

How is Cyber Monday the opposite of your grandma’s advice?
You’re literally spending it all in one place.

Why don’t cats like online shopping?
They prefer a cat-alogue.

What is, followed by It’s Cyber Monday?
Why did I buy that’ Tues,
Where the hell is my package’ Weds,
& ‘How do I get a refund’ Thurs!

What’s a holiday for people who don’t like being around other people?
Cyber Monday.

How do you get 100% savings on Cyber Monday?
By not purchasing anything woooooooooo!

What is the difference between Black Friday and Cyber Monday?
Black Friday is the day when most people will shed their homebodies and fight to the death for something they can get online 2 days later for a much better price.

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Why do lonely people love Cyber Monday?
Because today they get more emails from corporations than they get from real people all year long.

Where do cows shop online?

How do people celebrate Cyber Monday?
By expressing our distaste for American capitalism on a website built by a publicly traded company.

Did you hear that Cyber Monday deals have been extended for another day?
According to the 1,000 emails in the inbox this morning.

Why don’t Orcs like to shop online?
They prefer to support local brick and Mordor.

What does Cyber Monday sound like?
The code name for an Anonymous operation to take out Garfield.

Did you hear about the man whose kids have been on eBay all day?
He says, “If they’re still there tomorrow, I’ll lower the price.”

Why did the Irishman give up internet shopping?
The trolley kept falling off the computer.

How do you know that Cyber Mondays are really successful nowadays?
Amazon is a Prime example.

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Why don’t bandaids shop online?
They don’t like getting ripped off.

How does the Pope shop online on Cyber Monday?
With his Papal account!

Don’t you just hate those annoying pop-up ads when you’re shopping online for BBQs?
“Hot meat grills in your area!”

What did the online shopper say after finding Cyber Monday deals?
“Add to cart, and may the odds be ever in my favor!”

Why is eBay so useless?
Tried to look up lighters and all they had was 18,061 matches.

How do you call the waiting line specific to online shopping?

What do you call a dinosaur that shops on Cyber Monday?
A Buy-a-lot-o-saurus!

Did you hear about that group of restless Cyber Monday TVs?
They were ADHD.

How can you spot a programmer on Cyber Monday?
They’re the ones who add items to their basket with a script!

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Did you hear about a great deal on threes*me corn on Cyber Monday?
It was a 2-in-1 special.

Why did the spreadsheet join in on Cyber Monday fun?
It wanted to excel at saving!

What is Cyber Monday?
The one time of the year people look forward to Monday mornings.

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