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Rap music is like a canvas painted with words and beats, where every rapper becomes an artist, splashing their unique style and rhythm. Imagine walking down the streets, your headphones blasting the latest tracks, feeling every word as if it’s telling your story. That’s the magic of rap! It’s not just about fast words and cool rhymes; it’s about expressing life, dreams, and sometimes, just having a good laugh. Each rapper has their own signature style, from the smooth flow of one artist to the hard-hitting lines of another. It’s like a buffet of beats where everyone finds something they love. And speaking of love, who doesn’t enjoy a good chuckle? That brings us to the world of Funny Rapper Jokes.

Funny Rapper Jokes are like the secret sauce to the rap feast. It’s where humor meets rhythm, and punchlines have a beat of their own. Imagine your favorite rapper not just spitting bars but also cracking jokes that make you laugh out loud. These aren’t just any jokes; they’re tailored to tickle the funny bone of the rap enthusiast. They playfully poke fun at the quirks and styles of various artists, adding a light-hearted twist to the often intense world of rap music. Whether it’s about their bling, their lyrics, or their larger-than-life personas, Funny Rapper Jokes add a layer of fun to the already vibrant tapestry of rap. So, get ready to laugh along to the beat!

Best Rapper Jokes

What do you call a Jewish rapper?
Doctor Dreidel.

Why does no one listen to rap music in Korea?
Because it sounds like krap.

Did you hear about the rapper 50 Cent?
Or as the British people now call him, 10,000 pounds.

A failed rapper, a failed rock star, and a mediocre country singer walk into a bar.
He tells the bartender, “Anything but Budweiser.”

Why did the rapper shave off his fancy mustache?
It couldn’t handle the bars.

What do you call a fish who raps?
Swim Shady.

What do you call a rapper wearing a wig?

Isn’t it how Pit Bull announces himself at the beginning of every song
giving us time to change the song.

What do you call a prearranged rap battle?
A diss appointment.

Person 1: I like Eminem.
Person 2: Well, I prefer Skittles.
Person 1: No, I meant the rapper.
Person 2:: Why would you eat the wrapper?

What do you call a rapper that smells nice?
Post Cologne.

What do you call a female rapper?
38 Cent.

Post Malone may be a popular rapper, but have you heard of his long-lost cousin Ho Malone?
His most popular track is about some kid named Kevin who has to fight off burglars in his house.

What do you call a rapper who is half black and half white?
50 percent.

Didn’t Snoop Dogg change his name?
Or was Snoop Lyin’?!

What do you call it when Mark Zuckerberg raps?
A Meta Verse.

Why don’t people notice Eminem’s hidden messages?
He has them under-raps.

What was the weather like at the rap concert?
There was a Lil Wayne.

DMX meets Prince Phillip at the Pearly Gates after DMX dies at 50 years old.
Prince Phillip scoffs at him, “50?!”.
DMX says, “Nah man, you got me confused with that other rapper.”

Why did the rapper go to Whole Foods?
They had fresh beets.

What do rappers and vegans have in common?
Fake beef.

What do you call a criminal onion that drops sick beats?
A rap-scallion.

Did you hear about the 85-year-old grandfather is still trying to be a successful rapper, his name?
Two canes.

What do you call existentialist hip-hop music?
Angsta Rap.

Why did the rapper get gold teeth?
He wanted to put his money where his mouth is.

A doctor is talking to one of his patients.
Doctor: Who’s your favorite rapper?”
Boy: Eminem!
Doctor: Would you like to meet him someday?
Boy: Of course!
Doctor: Well he’s busy right now but you’ll meet Tupac soon!
Boy: But he’s dead…
Doctor: I know.

Who is Ben Shapiro’s favorite rapper?

What does a Science teacher call a rapper named MC Squared?

Why do rappers hate Trump?
Nothing rhymes with orange.

Isn’t sad that mumble rappers are dying off?
Lil’ by Lil’.

Why didn’t the fisherman make it as a rapper?
His lines were okay, but his hooks were debaitable.

What do a mumble rapper and a politician have in common?
Both of their careers depend on incomprehensible gibberish.

What do they say about a rapper who stole a dictionary?
He got a way with words.

Did you hear about the turban-wearing rapper from India?
He was laying down some Sikh beats.

Who is Joseph Kony’s favorite rapper?
Soulja Boy.

What do you call a country rapper?

There is a plane of children along with a priest, a rabbi, and a rapper is flying to New York.
Suddenly, the engine catches fire. The rabbi says, “We must save the children.” The rapper yells back, “Scr*w the children!”
The Priest responds, “Do you think we have enough time?”

What’s the difference between a magician and a rapper?
A magician will disappear, while a rapper will diss-a-peer.

Did you hear about a rapper who used cannabis-infused citrus as chewing tobacco?
He spat some dope limes.

Why is rap music like scissors?
It’s always losing to rock.

What do you call a flat earth rap?
A disc track.

Little Johnny’s mom always calls him by his rapper name.
“Get over here lilshit!”

What do rappers like to add to their coffee?
Two pack sugar.

A lot of people are big fan of underground rappers.
Such as Tupac, Eazy-E, XXXTentacion, and Juice Wrld.

Why can’t rappers take holidays?
They always forget Tupac.

Did you hear about the lethargic man who started producing rap music?
His rap name is Lay-Z.

Kid Ink walks into a barbershop.
The barber isn’t in tune with modern pop culture, only knowing bits and pieces, so he doesn’t recognize the rapper.
Kid Ink decides to take advantage of this and play a harmless prank.
Kid Ink sits down in the barber chair. The barber, wanting to get to know his client better, breaks the ice by asking him his name.
Kid Ink responds and says, “My name is Drake.”
The barber, not knowing how Drake looks like, is shocked and asks if that’s true.
The rapper laughs it off, and responds, “No, I’m just Kid Ink”.

Have you heard of the rapper showing off cryptocurrency?
He calls himself blockchainz.

What would be Einstein’s stage name if he were a rapper?
MC Square.

What would a rapper who laughs a lot call himself?
Lolol Cool J.

Due to inflation, the rapper Chamillionaire is changing his name to ChaMiddleClass.
2 Chainz also announced that he’s changing his name, due to supply chain issues

What do you call a Rapper who smokes too much?

Did you hear about the female rapper, who only battled when she was on her period?
They said she had a mean flow.

Why did the rapper go back in time to 1009?
To drop his MIX tape.

R Kelly has really changed the rap game.
He takes the art out of rap artist.

Why don’t religious people like rap music?
All rappers do is hop in the booth and confess to a bunch of crimes they’ve committed.
That’s Catholicism.

Who is the best candy (w)rapper?

Did you hear about the aspiring rapper whose bank refused to give him a loan since he wanted face tattoos?
He explained, “Now they won’t post m’loan.”

Where do you find rappers in the middle of the day?
Costco for all the free samples.

What do you call a rapper covered in citrus?
Busta Limes.

What do rappers use to keep their sneakers so white?

Why is enjoying music like eating candy?
The first thing you do is throw away the rapper.

What do you call a rapper that really likes flowers?

How do you beat a diabetic rapper in a rap battle?
Candy Bars.

A rapper made an album while in prison. But everyone who bought it was jailed. Why?
Because they had a criminal record.

Why are nosy neighbors the best rappers?
Because they’re the ones who Snoop.

What do you call a suspicious Arab rapper?
Salim Shady.

What vampire raps about his enemies?
Diss Trackula.

What do you call a white rapper with sleep apnea?

Do you know the rapper best known for his sense of smell?
50 Scent.

Have you heard of that rapper who always complains about being single on Facebook?
His name is Post-Alone.

Bill Gates is a good rapper.

What do you get if you cross Groot with the rapper Fifty Cent?
About tree-fiddy.

Why do rappers wear so much fake fur onstage?
Faux show.

Who is Han Solo’s favorite rapper?

What is a good name for an old rapper from Egypt ?

Did you hear about the rapper who had an asphalt fetish?
He came from the streets.

Which rapper is the most acceptable to Muslims?
Halal Cool J.

Why did the mumble rapper break out of the prison?
Because he couldn’t complete his sentence.

What do you call a group of microscopic rappers?
μ Tang Clan.

What US state produces the most mumble rappers?

What did the rapper say when he couldn’t find his pants?
“Where my knickers at?”

What do Alexander the Great, Winnie the Pooh, and Chance the Rapper have in common?
Same middle name.

Why did the rapper scream into his Easter basket?
He wanted to give a shoutout to his peeps.

What do you call a distinguished, highly respected rapper?

What did 50 Cent do when he was hungry?

What do you call a good-smelling rapper?
Post Cologne.

What do you call a rapper with small abdominal muscles?

What’s a rapper’s favorite toy?
A yoyo.

Have you heard about that new Native American rapper?
He calls himself Li’l Bighorn.

What’s it called when a rapper goes to the gym for 20 minutes?
A Lil Pump.

Who is the best rapper in the jungle?
Kendrick Lemur.

What do you call three rappers on the border of North and South Korea?

Who is the saltiest rapper?

What is the difference between a professional wrapper and a professional rapper?
One is employed seasonally and the other is unemployed.

What did the bad rapper get for Christmas?
J Coal.

Why do rappers always buy small shoes?
Because they all have lil ft.

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What do you call a mentally challenged rapper?
Why a rapautist of course.

Who is an auctioneer’s favorite rapper?
MC Hammer.

What’s the difference between Bill Cosby and a rap artist?

This man was working on a rap song about Drugs and Money.
It’s called “I can’t afford that insulin!”

What do you call a rap battle between snakes?
A reptile diss function.

What did the rapper say when he got a hole in his pants?
“Britches get stiches!”

What song did the Greek rapper make?
“Fugg the Polis.”

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Jessica Amlee, born in 1996 in Laughlin, Nevada, is a delightful humorist and joke writer with a penchant for puns. She studied at Emerson College, earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Comedy. Jessica's comedic style combines snappy one-liners and observational humor, making her a rising star in the world of comedy.

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