50 Funny Taylor Swift Puns That Hit A High Note of Humor

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Taylor Swift is the queen of shaking off haters and baking up chart-topping hits like they’re batches of her famous cookies. With a guitar in hand and a squad of loyal fans, she’s been strumming her way through heartbreaks and victories, leaving a trail of catchy tunes and sparkly dresses in her wake. This musical powerhouse has a knack for turning her diaries into Grammy-winning albums, making us wonder if our own journals might be hiding some hidden hits (spoiler: they’re not). But it’s not just her music that’s noteworthy – her pun game is as on-point as her cat eyeliner. That’s right, the Swiftie universe is brimming with puns that are as catchy as her choruses and as clever as her lyrics. They’re the kind of puns that make you say, “I knew you were trouble when you walked in… to this pun battle.”

Diving into Taylor Swift puns is like walking into a wonderland of wordplay. They’re the perfect blend of clever and cringe-worthy, leaving you torn between groaning and grinning. These puns are so infectious, you’ll find yourself crafting your own in no time. Maybe you’ll even start daydreaming about a ‘Love Story’ with a pun-loving prince or princess, wondering if they’ll ever say, “Darling, you’re the best pun that’s ever been mine.”

Best Taylor Swift Puns

  1. Waking up on January 1st and playing Taylor’s “New Year’s Day”? That’s a perfect replay.
  2. I have an anti-hero joke and I’ve released about 17 different punchlines for it.
  3. When Taylor and Travis play catch, it’s not just a game, it’s a “Swift Catch”.
  4. I just bought Taylor Swift’s hair comb in an online auction! It’s my closest brush with fame!
  5. Taylor Swift is dropping albums like I’m dropping pounds. Only two, but still more than anyone expected.
  6. Wearing a cozy sweater by the fireplace? That’s a Christmas “Cardigan” moment.
  7. Why do you think you’re a fan of Taylor Swift? Idk, it’s like her music is tay-lored for me specifically.
  8. Whenever Taylor writes a song about Travis, it’s not just a hit, it’s a “Touchdown Tune”.
  9. My favorite songs are on a playlist called Taylist.
  10. Dashing through the snow? Enjoy a “Swift” sleigh ride.
  11. My fiancée and her girlfriends are going to a Taylor Swift cover show tomorrow, but it might rain. I told them to just shake it off.
  12. Writing down your resolutions? You’ve got a “Blank Space” for new beginnings.
  13. I used to be addicted to quoting Taylor Swift. But I think I’m finally clean.
  14. In 2014, Taylor Swift went on a world tour called TS 1989. That must’ve been an awkward stop in Beijing.
  15. I have made a shirt that says “repu-tay-tion”
  16. I’m not that big of a fan of Taylor Swift’s break-up songs. Personally, I think we need to hear from all of her ex-boyfriends before we can pick a side.
  17. Taylor Swift wrote a song about Ross and Rachel. It’s called “We were on a break break break break break.”
  18. I sell a bathmat with “I’m finally clean” on it.
  19. I was fortunate enough to meet Taylor Swift and I told her I’m a huge fan. She replied, “really? U look more like an average-sized human to me…”
  20. I drove a Camery for a few years that I often referred to as the Tayota.

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  1. My wife asked me to stop quoting Taylor Swift lyrics all the time. I never saw it coming, wouldn’t have suspected it.
  2.  Taylor Swift is proof that you can turn heartbreak into diamonds (and Grammys).
  3. Can’t spell cats without ts.
  4. I once caught a Meowth and named it Taylor just so that I could have the option pop up for “TAYLOR used SWIFT”.
  5. I wonder if mosquitoes like Taylor Swift because she has bad blood.
  6. I heard Taylor Swift wrote a song about her airplane miles controversy. It’s called 747
  7. What’s Taylor Swift’s favorite gaming console? The Ex-Box.
  8. Does Taylor Swift choose men with names that have good rhymes? Like Travis Kelce? Stealthy, Wealthy, Unhealthy…. the “breakup” song almost writes itself.
  9. I named my bakery Illicit Eclairs.
  10. I’m pretty sure her phone autocorrects “breakup” to “platinum record.”
  11. During Thanksgiving, I feel eleven turkeys creeping up on me.
  12. And you were sliding me the gravy, tossing dinner rolls on the ground. We were always eating mounds.
  13. I don’t trust stairs because they’re always up to something, just like in ‘I Knew You Were Trouble.’
  14. Told my friend a joke about electricity, but it didn’t conduct well – no ‘Sparks Fly.’
  15. Read a book on the history of glue – I just can’t seem to put it down, ‘Forever & Always.'”

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  1. That dress looks like it was tailor-made for you, or should I say, “Taylor-made”?
  2. When you glide across the ice with ease, you’re “Swiftly Skating” like Taylor on stage.
  3. Bouncing back quickly from a cold? That’s a “Swift Recovery.”
  4. If I ever fire someone who is a Taylor Swift fan. I’ll say “I knew you were trouble when you clocked in.”
  5. I have a Taylor Swift joke but it’s me hi I’m the problem it’s me.
  6. Taylor Swift has so many exes, her phone’s wallpaper is just a collage of broken heart emojis.
  7. Her break-up songs are so good, you almost want to get dumped just to have the material.
  8. What do Taylor Swift and Avada Kedavra have in common? They’ll leave you breathless or with a nasty scar.
  9. She has more cats than lives, and that’s just counting her musical ones.
  10. Taylor Swift’s dating timeline is so complex, it deserves its own HBO miniseries with multiple timelines and unreliable narrators.
  11. If you ever need to hide a body, just ask one of her fans. They’d be too busy dissecting the latest lyric video to notice.
  12. What do Taylor Swift and Chinese history have in common? They both had a Blank Space in 1989.
  13. If Taylor Swift fans are called Swifties, what do we call Carrie Underwood’s fans? Undies.
  14. Why doesn’t Taylor Swift ever get lost on a hike? Because she always knows “the way home.”
  15. What is Taylor Swift’s computer password? “Iknewyouweretroublewhenyouloggedin.”

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