20 Funny Tinsel Jokes And Puns That Will Brighten Your Day

Tinsel Jokes For Christmas
Best Tinsel Jokes

Silver was the first tinsel used for decorating. As a result, it was a relatively exclusive adornment that the upper class used on their sculptures. Tinsel was first used on Christmas trees in the 17th century to enhance the effect of candlelight. It was still considered an upper-class decoration until the industrial revolution made it more affordable and accessible to the general public. They couldn’t get enough of the glittery decoration back then, and it’s still a popular holiday decoration today.

To put it another way, the tinsel we use today has come a long way. Why not add to the evolution of your favorite Christmas accessory by reading some witty tinsel jokes?

Best Tinsel Jokes

Why did the doctor warn the dad not to eat Christmas tree decorations?
He didn’t want him to catch tinsel-itis.

Did you hear about Tampax’s announcement that they will replace the traditional tampon string with tinsel?
This will be for the Christmas period only.

What do you call a tree with no tinsel, baubles, or topping?
A tree.

A father was decorating the Christmas tree with his son.
The boy says, “Dad can’t we use tinsel like everyone else? This is really uncomfortable.”

How do Christmas trees interact with one another?
Tin-sel phones.

Why has Santa always got a cough?

What do elves use to hang Christmas tree decorations?

What is green covered in tinsel and goes “Ribbet, Ribbet”?

What Brothers Grimm fairytale is told around the holidays?
Tinsel and Gretel.

Who guards the Christmas tree?

A Christmas party was invited to an Englishman, an Irishman, and a Scotsman.
The Englishman brought tinsel, the Scotsman brought holly, and the Irishman was asked, “What have you brought?”
“I brought a pair of knickers,” he explained.
“What does that have to do with Christmas?” they inquired.
He said, “They’re Carol’s.”

Where do Californians get their holiday decorations?
Tinsel Town.

Why was the church choir’s Christmas performance canceled?
The lead singer was suffering from tinsel-itis.

Which Christmas song is tinsel’s favorite?
Silver and gold.

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What happens if you consume an excessive amount of Christmas candy?
The dentist gives you tinsel teeth.

Did you hear about the Chinese man who pretended to be tinsel?
He was a decor-asian.

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