Sab Janna Hai Iss Bh*dwe Ko – Meme Template

Sab Janna Hai Iss Bhadwe Ko meme template of The Screen Patti
Sab Janna Hai Iss Bha#dwe Ko – Meme Template

The Sab Janna Hai Iss Bh#dwe Ko meme originates from The Screen Patti’s video Frank Indian Funerals. In the TSP’s humorous clip from 22 Aug 2019, Neela Mulherkar says this dialogue to Sachin Negi when Jasmeet Singh Bhatia asks the last words spoken by her husband. The popular use of Sab Janna Hai Iss Bh#dwe Ko meme is to mock someone who is insatiably curious.

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