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The Waah Modiji waah meme originates from the then Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi’s speech at the launch of Smart City Projects In Pune, Maharashtra. In his speech on June 25 2016, Modi referred to himself in the third person and expressed the huge applause he as a leader of the nation would get if it invests a huge sum of money in power generation. But he insists that by introducing LEDs, the nation would be saving a lot of electricity and its costs once it is fully implemented. On August 31st, 2018, a satire Facebook Page Official PeeingHuman posted a viral video titled “Demonetisation : Ek Kadwa Sach” and excerpted “Waah Modiji waah” to use in its video against demonetisation. The English translation of Waah Modiji Waah is good job Modiji. The popular use of the Waah Modiji Waah meme is to mock Narendra Modi by applauding him in a sarcastic manner.

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