25 Mahatma Gandhi Memes You Can’t Share With A Gandhian

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Governance is a serious job that is far from simple. The pleasure and satisfaction of serving citizens in a large, active, and often loud democracy like India is often tempered by the difficulties, delays, and setbacks encountered when getting things done. This emphasizes the importance of maintaining a sense of Political humor and taking a few seconds to laugh.

Unfortunately, irony and humor seem to have died out in our politically charged modern India. Instead, there is always some politician waiting to be offended. Our new culture of taking offense undermines our rich tradition of comedy. Mahatma Gandhi, for example, relished a chuckle, albeit his witty sense of humor was not passed down to his political heirs. It’s been more than 74 years since he died, but Mahatma Gandhi memes are still alive and kicking. Be it the fake quotes or Nuclear Gandhi, the man is a legend.

Before taking a look at the memes, let’s understand some background about the man. Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was born on October 2, 1869, in Porbandar, India, and his birthday is now known as Gandhi Jayanti. He rose to become one of the twentieth century’s most respected, spiritual, and political leaders. Gandhi is hailed as the “Father of the Indian Nation” or simply “Bapu” by Indians for his role in liberating the Indian people from British domination via peaceful resistance.

Funny Gandhi Memes

1. You know the answer!

Funny Gandhi Meme on UK

2. Ariana Ghandhi on History Channel at 3 am.

Ariana Ghandi Meme

3. Men shorter than 5’9 are useless!

Mahatma Gandhi Meme on Height

4. Send nudes not nukes!

Send Nudes Meme on Gandhi

5. Why can’t TikToks stay on TikTok?!

TikTok Meme on Gandhi

6. Then you win!

First They Ignore You Meme on Gandhi

7. That Asi*n kid!

Asian Kid Meme on Mahatma Gandhi

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8. Atomic bomb is the answer!

The World is the Problem Meme on Gandhi

9. Not a great introduction!

Funny Mahatma Gandhi Quote on Punching

10. Why not?

Violence Is Not The Answer Meme on Gandhi

11. Meat as dessert!

Mahatma Gandhi Meme on Skirt

12. The All-Knowing and All-Seeing Gandhi!

Mahatma Gandhi Meme on Bitch

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13. Gandhi- the Philosopher.

Funny Gandhi Meme on Brothers Cheek

14. Don’t spread hatred!

Porn Meme on Gandhi

15. Master Gandhi!

Daddy Meme on Mahatma Gandhi

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16. Save this meme, print it out and stick it in your bedroom.

Fapping Meme on Gandhi

17. That’s right!

Dank Quote On Gandhi

18. You shall not!

Funny Mahatma Gandhi Image on Bitches

19. That what he says!

If Her River Runs Red Meme on Gandhi

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20. Better to come in the sink!

Better To Come in the Sink Meme

21. Your choice!

Stay strapped or get clapped Meme on Gandhi

22. They need cash!

Love Is Thrash Meme on Gandhi

23. Turn the other one to them!

Slap Ass Meme on Gandhi

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24. Why moody?

Why Be Moody When You Can Shake That Booty Meme

25. Minor in bed, must be an important study!

Major in Maths Meme on Mahatma Gandhi

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