20 Independence Day Memes To Celebrate 15 August

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Long years ago we made a tryst with destiny and now that time comes when we shall redeem our pledge not wholly or in full measure but very substantially. At the stroke of the midnight hour when the world sleeps India will awake to life and freedom. On 15 August 1947, at midnight India awoke to a new life of freedom but two centuries of colonial rule had decayed India leaving the country in poverty and hunger. The founding fathers set out to make India modern and progressive something that captured the uniqueness of the chaotic but eternally hopeful nation.

One would think that 76 years after grimacing out of the grip of a bleached-in-the-Indian-sun armpit of a broken-down corporation with a post-warload of non-performing assets, a very large surplus of tins of spam, and baby Beatles, we’d be comfortable enough to wisecrack about our Independence movement. So here are the best Independence Day Memes to celebrate India’s Swatantrata Diwas.

Funny Independence Day Memes

1. Indian flag display pictures are coming!

Indian Flag Meme on Independence Day

2. Depressed in British.

Independence Day Meme on Queen

3. Sab deshbhakt!

Deshbhakt Meme

4. That Laddoo fan!

Independence Day Laddoo Meme

5. Gandhiji fumes!

First Prime Minister Of Independent India Meme

6. Excited!

Independence Day Play Meme on School

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7. The IQ graph!

Celebrating Independence Day Meme

8. Girls on Independence Day!

Des Rangila Rangila Meme

9. How did India gain Independence?

Independence Day Meme on Alia Bhatt

10. Patriotic Vibes!

Patriotic Meme on Indian

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11. All set and ready to go to school!

Best Independence Day Meme on School

12. Program on Swatantrata Diwas!

Independence Day Program Meme on Dance Program

13. Well, that’s awkward!

Independence Day Meme on RSS

14. True story.

Independence Day Meme on Gandhi

15. Fasting!

Gandhi Independence Day Meme on Fasting

16. Not that great friendship!

15 August Meme on India And Britain

17. Non-violence revolution!

Indian Independence Meme on Peace Revolution

18. Not a great deal, eh?!

Muhammad Ali Jinnah And Gandhi Meme

19. Not same bro!

Independence Day Meme on Netaji

20. Head out!

Funny Independence Day Meme on Britain

Hope you found these memes on Swatantrata Diwas funny. Let us know in the comment section below.

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