20 Summer Solstice Memes to Mark the First Day Of Summer

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The Summer Solstice is quickly approaching and many know this day as the first day of summer. The word ‘solstice’ is derived from the Latin word ‘soul’ which means sun and ‘sister’ which means to stand still. In 2023, the longest day of the year falls on the 21st of June in the Northern Hemisphere while in Southern Hemisphere, it falls on the 22nd of December. Since the summertime is pretty hot, this is where these hilarious Summer Solstice Memes come in. Because it wouldn’t be a weekday if there wasn’t a meme to go along with it, would it?

Summer is such a popular season that there are numerous jokes to be told. If you enjoy laughing at memes and jokes, you’ll enjoy the images below, which will help you get through the hottest time of year.

Happy Summer Solstice Memes

1. The Bugs are bad this summer!

Bugs Meme on First Day of Summer

2. They said the teacher’s job is easy!

Funny First Day Of Summer Meme on Mom

3. Summers are here and tanning is too!

First Day of Summer Meme on Tanning

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4. First Day of Summer vacation!

First Day Of Summer Vacation Meme on Dog

5. Diving in pool!

First Day of Summer Meme on Pool Diving

6. Alaska 24×7 on Summer Solstice!

Summer Solstice Meme on Alaska

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7. Happy Summer Solstice, people!

Happy Summer Solstice Meme on Bulldog Sunflower

8. Pagans believe that nature is sacred.

Summer Solstice Meme on Paganism

9. First Day at Summer camp!

First Day At Summer Camp Meme on Fat Tiger

10. Return of the Evil Heat Lord!

Summer Solstice Celebration Meme

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11. Why it is the longest day of the year?

Funny Longest Day Of The Year Meme on Captain Picard Facepalm

12. Oh No! Anyway!

Stonehenge Meme on Summer Solstice

13. A better use of natural daylight!

Daylight Savings Meme on Summer Solstice

14. Relatable to husbands?

Longest Day of the Year Meme on Husband Wife

15. So how do you celebrate it?

Summer Solstice Meme on Earth and Sun

16. Waking at 6 on the first summer morning!

First Day Of Summer Break Meme on Sleep

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17. And how did you miss it?

Wait For The Longest Day Of The Year To Miss It Meme

18. You can jump, it will catch you!

First Day Of Summer Meme on Shark

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19. That beauty!

First Day Of Shaving Legs Meme on Summer

20. Hope you make it through!

Longest Day Of The Year Meme on Baby

Did you come across any witty memes on the First Day of Summer? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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