20 Hot Weather Memes As Heatwave Sweeps World

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Many of us take refuge inside when we can during the summer months, thanks to the luxury of air conditioning and water coolers. But for some who have to work outdoors, it is really tough due to the scorching heat. All around the globe, high-temperature records are being broken so we thought to capture the frustration of humanity through Hot Weather memes.

In China, officials are requesting citizens to cut down the air conditioner setting by one degree in the summer to save more than 6% on electricity. In Europe, especially France, multiple historic records are broken. In the US, meteorologists are concerned about ‘unusually early’ heatwaves that have hit the country. Due to the rising temperatures, crop yields in India are hitting record lows. All in all, dear sun please go to settings >display > brightness and reduce it. It’s too hot to handle.

Funny Hot Weather Memes

1. Warm weather is not adequate to exercise, it seems!

Warm Weather Meme on Exercise

2. On a hot day!

Hot Day Meme on Summer

3. It’s so hot outside today!

Its Hot Outside Meme on Terminator Fence

4. A fat joke!

Fat Meme on Summer

5. Worshipping god in summer heat!

Summer Heat Meme on Spongebob Squarepants

6. Peak humidity!

Humidity Meme on Summer

7. Planning the hot day!

Hot Day Meme on Planning

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8. Someone is sweating!

Sweating Meme on Balls

9. Beatin’ the heat!

Beating The Heat Meme

10. Deeds of the scorching sun!

Summer Heat Meme on Allergy

11. So a dangerous heatwave, not bad!

Heatwave Meme on Fire Skeleton

12. Like people in Canada complaining about summertime heat!

Hot Weather Meme on High Temperature

13. Why should only humans stay cool in summer?!

Staying Cool In The Heat Meme

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14. High temperatures everywhere!

High Temperature Meme on Weather

15. The panic levels!

Funny Heat Meme on Evaporation

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16. C’mon, it’s summertime!

Summertime Heat Meme

17. Hot Weather in Teaxas.

Texas Heat Meme on Summer

18. Hot summer in the UK!

Summer in UK Meme

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19. Summer heat in California!

California Heat Wave Meme on Summer

20. The Sun supplying water in the homes of Arizona!

Arizona Heat Meme on Summer

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