30 Funny Bhai Dooj Jokes for Brothers And Sisters

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Bhai Dooj is a festival celebrated in India with immense warmth and joy, symbolizing the cherished bond between brothers and sisters. It comes right on the heels of the Diwali festivities, adding an extra layer of familial love to the season of lights. On this day, sisters perform aarti, apply the ceremonial tilak on their brothers’ foreheads, and pray for their long life and prosperity. In return, brothers shower their sisters with gifts and promises of lifelong protection. The essence of Bhai Dooj is rooted in the heartwarming tales of Hindu mythology and reflects the deep-rooted cultural value India places on familial bonds, especially the brother-sister relationship.

When it comes to Bhai Dooj jokes, the humor often revolves around the light-hearted banter and the timeless sibling rivalry that this festival brings into the spotlight. Imagine the chuckles over sisters strategically upgrading the ’tilak ceremony’ into an impromptu face painting session, or brothers dramatically interpreting the ‘lifelong protection’ promise as being the family’s unofficial tech support or spider remover. There’s comedic gold in the tales of brothers navigating the perilous waters of gift shopping, or sisters crafting hilariously unrealistic wish lists. The puns highlight the playful squabbles, the exaggerated recounts of childhood mischief, and the mock negotiations over sweets and gifts, all painting a picture of the mischievous yet loving dynamic that Bhai Dooj celebrates. It’s a time when laughter and love merge, creating memories that are as sweet as the festival’s traditional delicacies.

Best Bhai Dooj Jokes

What did the sister say in on Bhai Dooj?
“I have a joke on my Brother but fir Bhaidooj gift nai milega!”

What do you call it when a brother is looking for his sisters to collect Bhai Dooj gifts but they dodged him the whole day?
They celebrated Bhai Dodge instead.

A brother asks his sister why she always has money but he doesn’t.
The sister replies, “That’s because I have a boyfriend and you have a girlfriend.”

What is the best gift a brother expects from his sister?
Her best friend’s number.

Why did the sister apply a longer tikka on Bhai Dooj?
Because she wanted to make a long-lasting impression!

Knock, knock.
(Who’s there?)
(Aarti who?)
Aarti you glad I’m your sister and we get to celebrate Bhai Dooj?

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How do you know if your brother is really paying attention on Bhai Dooj?
When he doesn’t reach for the remote once!

Why was the brother surprised on Bhai Dooj?
He found out that the gift of his sister’s love doesn’t need batteries!

Why did a brother tell a sister to go sit in the middle of the highway?
Because that’s where accidents belong.

Why did the sister give her brother a blank piece of paper for Bhai Dooj?
She said it’s a gift card valid for unlimited hugs!

What’s a brother’s favorite Bhai Dooj treat?
Anything that doesn’t include the words “share with your sister.”

What did the brother say after eating too much on Bhai Dooj?
“I’m so full, I couldn’t possibly take another bite… Oh look, sweets!”

Sister: Did my brother come from heaven?
Mother: Yes.
Sister: Well, I don’t blame the angels for chucking him out!

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What’s the best thing about Bhai Dooj?
For brothers, it’s 364 days of not having to be nice (except Raksha Bandhan) until the next one!

Did you know that the Mario Bros celebrate Bhai Dooj?
They have a sister, it’s Amy Mario!

A younger son asked, “Dad, was I adopted as a child?”
The elder sister interrupts their father. She sighs, places his hand on the boy’s shoulder, and replies wistfully, “We tried, but nobody would take you!”

What do you call your crying sister?
A crisis!

Why did the sisters go to the market to buy Cash Counting Machine?
Diwali just ended.

What do you call a selfish female sibling?
A narcissister.

What do you call it when your female sibling goes crazy?

Yo mama so ugly, her identical twin brother got plastic surgery.

Why did the sister tie a rakhi instead of performing the Bhai Dooj ceremony?
Because she wanted to double the brother’s warranty period!

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Why don’t robots celebrate Bhai Dooj?
Because they don’t have brothers. They only have trans-sisters.

Why do brothers like Bhai Dooj so much?
Because for once, they can eat all the sweets without being blamed for stealing them!

What did the brother say when his sister asked if he enjoyed her Bhai Dooj gift?
“Absolutely, it’s the thought that counts, and luckily thoughts don’t cost anything!”

How do you know a brother is thinking hard on Bhai Dooj?
When he’s wondering if the tikka makes him look more intellectual.

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