30 Funny Ghostbusters Jokes Every Fan Will Love

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Jessica Amlee

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When you think of the ’80s, neon leotards, wild hair, and arcade games might spring to mind, but no cultural recap would be complete without mentioning the iconic “Ghostbusters.” Donning their khaki jumpsuits, armed with proton packs and Ecto-1 on speed dial, this team of quirky parapsychologists set out to capture the spooky specters haunting New York City. The film not only conquered the box office but also left an indelible mark with its catchy theme tune and the lovable, gooey green ghost, Slimer. It’s a supernatural adventure that humorously blends science fiction with slapstick comedy, making it a cinematic treasure still cherished by fans across generations.

Now, given the franchise’s comedic foundations, it’s no surprise that “Ghostbusters” has spawned a slew of jokes and punchlines. “Why did the Ghostbuster go to the party? To exorcise and socialize!” Or “What do you call a cleaning supply used by the Ghostbusters? Ecto-Plunger!” These jokes play with the movie’s themes and characters, giving fans a delightful dose of humor that’s as spirited as the specters they chase. So, the next time you’re at a gathering and someone asks, “Who are you gonna call?” You can confidently respond with a Ghostbusters joke to get the laughter rolling!

Best Ghostbusters Jokes

Why did the linguini join the Ghostbusters?
Because it wasn’t alfredo no ghost!

Why is it a good thing that the Ghostbusters don’t charge a lot of money?
because if you couldn’t pay, they’d have to come back and re-possess your house.

Knock, knock.
(Who’s there?)
(Ghostbusters who?)

Why couldn’t the Ghostbusters ever finish Oregon Trail?
Because they couldn’t cross the streams.

What do you call the Ghostbusters at the hospital?
Spawn camping.

What did Amy Winehouse have in common with the Ghostbusters?
They both downed spirits.

What’s it called when you’re hooking up with a girl and you know she’s not going to call you back after?

A twelve-year-old is watching ghostbusters 2 for the first time with his father.
Kid: Dad what’s that?
Dad: A walkman
Kid: and that?
Dad: A dark room for developing photos.
Kid: and those?
Dad: The twin towers.

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There’s a movie about people who carve statues of the dead that show only their heads and shoulders,

Did you hear one of the Ghostbusters died?
Yeah, ‘e gone.

Why did Dr. Peter Venkman get kicked out of the library?
He had too many ‘ghost’ written books!

What do you call people so good at their jobs, they retire because they did everything?
The mythbusters and ghostbusters.

Why was Dr. Raymond Stantz always calm during a haunting?
Because he knew how to keep his “spirits” up!

What was the headline when a former Ghostbuster’s family dug a really long ditch in his home country?
A Dan, A Clan, A Canal, Canada

What will the Ghostbusters be without Harold Ramis?
The Ghostbustrs.

What did Dr. Egon Spengler say to the ghost who was feeling down?
“Don’t be so transparent about your feelings!”

Why do you get Ghostbusters on Netflix but not on Prime?
Because you can’t cross the streams.

Why were Ghostbusters fans upset when Ernie Hudson’s interview was cut short?
Because they wished he had Zeddemore.

Why did Winston Zeddemore go to music school?
To learn how to play the ‘phantom’ of the opera!

How do the Ghostbusters freshen their breath?
With ghost-mint!

Why did the ghost go on a diet?
Because he wanted to keep his “ghoulish” figure, but the Ghostbusters said he was too easy to catch!

Did you hear about the deal the Ghostbusters made with Vans?
Apparently they had a bunch of spare souls laying around.

What do you call a Poltergeist that nuts a lot?
A Ghostbuster.

How was the new Ghostbusters true to the original?
It still had a black guy as one of the main cast.

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What do you call a group of necrophiles?

What’s the difference between German p*rn and The Ghostbusters?
German p*rn doesn’t wait until the end of the movie to cross the streams.

Whose idea was it to show a bunch of naked butts in the new Ghostbusters movie?
Rick Moranis.

Ghostbusters are, in fact, real.
However, they just happen to be dead people experiencing org*sms.

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  1. My boss told me yesterday, “You shouldn’t dress for the job you have, dress for the job you want.”
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