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The Greeting Cards National Association supported the idea of Friendship Day in the 1920s, but customers just didn’t buy it. As a result, Hallmark Cards devised a marketing campaign to boost greeting card sales in 1930 in order to establish and commercialise the day. They declared it National Friendship Day. In 1935, the United States Congress declared the first Sunday in August to be National Friendship Day. Since then, National Friendship Day has been an annual event.

The World Friendship Crusade recommended July 30 as World Friendship Day in 1958 in order to foster a culture of peace through friendship. On July 27, 2011, the United Nations General Assembly designated July 30th as International Friendship Day. Every year on July 30th, the International Day of Friendship is observed. However, it is observed annually on the first Sunday of August i.e., August 6th, 2023, by countries such as India, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Bangladesh, Malaysia, and the United States (US).

Now, that we have learned about its history, let’s read some of the funniest Friendship Day jokes that you can share with your friends.

Best Friendship Day Jokes

How are friendship and peeing in your pants similar?

Everyone around you can see it but only you can feel the warmth it brings.

What do you call small friendship?


What did the Hindu man say when his friends invited him to go out?

Namaste home (Nah. I’mma stay home).

What is the most beneficial vitamin for friendship?

B1. Because no one wants to be friends with a guy in a metabolic coma due to a thiamine deficiency.

What’s the worst way to end a friendship with a rock?

Take them for granite.

Why can’t you complain about your friend giving you a guitar on Friendship Day?

It’s not often someone just gives you something with no strings attached.

Why did the cannibal have no one to talk to on Friendship Day?

He was taught never to play with his food.

They say there’s a person capable of murder in every friendship group.

I suspected it was Jeremy, so I killed him before he could cause any harm.

What do you call a friendship between punctuation?


How do you get a stable friendship?

Get a horse.

What’s the surest way to ruin a friendship?


On Friendship Day, two longtime friends met for lunch.

Jim and Jones hadn’t seen one other in over a decade.

“How are you doing?” Jones inquired. “I’ve been good,” Jim stated as he placed his order from the menu. “I’m married with two lovely children.” Work is monotonous, but it pays the bills. How about you, how are you?”

“Well, I’ve been wonderful!” Jones buffed his chest. I’ve spent the last two decades living my dream. I moved out of my parents’ house early. I was fortunate to be in a position where I didn’t need to look for work. I’ve spent most of my time doing things like reading and going to the gym. Money has not been a major issue.

“And then there’s the sex! When I was younger, I wasn’t much of a player. But I’ve been getting it on a regular basis. Each and every day .”

Jim couldn’t help but listen and feel a little envious of Jones’s life for the past 20 years.

After lunch, the two pals split ways.

Jim was having dinner with his family later that night when the phone rang.

“Excuse me, is this Jim?” inquired a voice. “Yes, that is; how can I assist you?” Jim responded.

“I’m trying to find Jones. You’ve been added to his contact list “The voice went on.

“OK,” Jim said, puzzled, “Can I ask who this is?”

“Hello, this is Jones’s parole officer.”

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Why did Lucas have to end his friendship with Dracula?

He was a pain in the neck.

What do you do when your friend cannot afford to pay his water bill?

Send them a “get well soon” card.

Does anyone know if doctors could take some of my butt flesh and graft it onto someone who isn’t a relative?

Assskin for a friend.

What do you call a friend with no social skills and a PhD in the history of palindromes?

Dr. Awkward.

What has four legs and is man’s best friend?

A sofa.

Two old men had been great friends for years and were both in their early 90s when one of them suddenly died.

“Listen, when you die, do me a favour,” his dying friend says to him on his deathbed. “I’m curious if there’s baseball in heaven.” “We’ve been friends for years, this I’ll do for you,” the dying guy remarked. He then passes away.

His surviving friend is resting a few days later when he hears his friend’s voice. “I’ve got some good news and some bad news,” the voice says. The good news is that baseball exists in paradise.” “How about the bad news?” “The bad news is that you’re pitching on Wednesday.”

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What do you call a friend who has a secret life as a priest?

It’s his altar ego.

Why does your friend still carry around an old comb although he went bald years ago?

He just can’t part with it.

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How to decide which among your husband/wife and dog is your best friend?

If you lock them and your dog in your trunk for 3 hours. Who do you think is going to be happy to see you when you open the trunk?!

Why are the cow, whale and ant best friends?

Because they form cow-whale-ant bond.

What’s it called when an Asian man gives his best friend head?

A bro job.

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“How old is your father?” a friend inquired of my daughter.

“As old as I am,” she responded.

“How can that be?” he exclaimed, laughing.

“Well, dad didn’t become a father until I was born,” she explained.

Why can’t Harry distinguish between his best friend and a cooking pot?

They’re both cauldron.

What do you call a friend who is quite well known for sweeping girls off their feet?

He’s an extremely aggressive janitor.

Why is your best friend like Medusa?

Whenever you look at her, you become hard as rock.

If Merman’s best friend is dogfish, what’s Mermaid’s best friend?

Sea cucumber.

Why was your best friend not your partner in crime anymore?

Recently, homosexuality was made legal.

This guy unexpectedly invites his best friend home for dinner at 6:30 p.m. after work.

His wife yells, while his friend sits open-mouthed, listening to the rant.

“My hair and makeup aren’t done, the house is a shambles, and the dishes aren’t done. Can’t you see I’m still in my f*cking pyjamas and don’t want to cook tonight?! Why the f*ck did you bring him home unannounced, you dimwitted jerk?”

“Because he’s thinking about marrying.”

What do you call a friend who worships certain shades of blue?

A cyantologist.

Why are emo kids and grass best friends?

Both of them can’t cut themselves without the other.

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My friend told me that drinking beer would make him smarter….

But, I don’t think anything would make my Budweiser.

Why is a ‘girlfriend’ one word but a ‘best friend’ is two words?

Because your best friend gives you space when you need it.

What do you call a friend who became an archaeologist?

His life is in ruins.

What do you call a friend who poops only once a month?

They are full of sh*t.

When a woman did not return home for the night, her husband began asking her about where she had been the next morning. She lied and claimed she slept with one of her buddies. The man then called all of her friends, all of whom denied she had slept with them the night before.

Meanwhile, someplace else a man did not return home to his wife for the night. His wife began interrogating him the next morning, and he lied, stating he slept at a friend’s house. She then called all of his pals. All of them confirmed that he had slept there the night before, and one even insisted that he was still there, but he was using the bathroom and couldn’t speak right now!

What do you call a friend who is too scared to get into the fruit business?

It just needs to grow a pear.

Why is an abacus a man’s best friend?

Because you can always count on it.

What do you call if a man’s best friend is a monkey?

A prime mate.

What is it called when you kill your best friend?


Why is a dog man’s best friend?

Because he doesn’t talk.

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One day, two friends go hunting.

One of them collapses and does not appear to be breathing. The other pulls out his phone and dials the police. He pleads, “Help. I believe my pal is no longer alive.” The cop informs him, “Please relax. First and foremost, make sure he is actually dead.” The cop hears a gunshot on the line and the other friend says, “Okay, what’s the next step?”

What can you tell about your best friend who is a full-time professional sleep walker?

He’s living the dream.

Why do you call your friend Eternal Flame?

Because they never go out!

What do you call friends you like to eat with?


What happened when your friends throw a housewarming party when you move into a new igloo?

Now you’re homeless.

Why should you use the word Mucho around your Spanish friends?

It means a lot to them.

What do you call a boat full of buddies?

A friendship.

What do you call a friend who is half Indian?


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