40 Funny Percy Jackson Jokes for Every Single Demigod

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Percy Jackson, the central character of Rick Riordan’s immensely popular “Percy Jackson & The Olympians” series, is a teenager who discovers he is a demigod – the son of Poseidon, no less. His life is a rollercoaster of battling mythological creatures, embarking on epic quests, and dealing with the everyday challenges of adolescence. This unique blend of ancient Greek mythology and modern-day life creates a vibrant, fascinating world where one minute you’re learning how to control water and the next you’re trying not to fall asleep in math class. Percy’s adventures are as much about navigating the tricky waters of teenagehood as they are about outsmarting vengeful gods or finding mythical objects. This unlikely combination of elements provides a rich ground for humor, especially when considering Percy’s dual life as a high school student and a hero.

The past adaptions have never been good for the young fan club. Rick Riordan, the author of the “Percy Jackson and the Olympians” series, has expressed his dissatisfaction with the movie adaptations of his books, to the point where he has chosen not to watch them. His concerns stem from the changes made to the story in the scripts, which for him are the most crucial aspect of the adaptation. Now that Riordan is involved in the development of the Percy Jackson series for Disney+, let’s hope that it indicates a more hands-on approach, likely ensuring that the adaptation is more faithful to the books.

The humor in Percy Jackson jokes often springs from the absurdity of a demigod dealing with mundane teenage problems. Imagine Percy trying to explain to his teachers why he’s late again – “Sorry, I was held up by a Hydra in the subway.” Or consider the comedic potential of Percy’s godly father, Poseidon, giving him swimming tips for the school sports day. There’s also the humorous notion of mythological creatures trying to blend into modern society – a Minotaur in a tuxedo at the prom, anyone? These jokes highlight the amusing contrast between Percy’s extraordinary demigod responsibilities and his relatable struggles as a teenager. From divine parent-teacher conferences to centaurs in traffic jams, the world of Percy Jackson offers endless opportunities for light-hearted, whimsical humor that connects the fantastical to the everyday.

Best Percy Jackson Jokes

Why did Percy Jackson, son of the Sea God not do well in school?
His grades were below C level.

What is another name for Percy Jackson?
A son of a beach.

What do you call a group of demigods on a quest?
A Percy-suit team!

What kind of cheese did Medusa eat?
Gorgon zola.

What do you get when you mix Human DNA and Goat DNA?

What do you call it when Zeus, Hades, and Poseidon band together to fix a computer?
The Greek Squad.

What’s Grover’s favorite type of music?
Anything with a good bleat!

Why was the Lightning Thief so hard to catch?
Because every time they got close, he was just a bolt away!

Why doesn’t Thalia Grace use the internet?
Because she’s afraid of getting struck by lightning-fast speeds!

Piper: I speak French.
Jason: I can speak Latin.
Leo: I can speak Spanish.
Frank: I can speak Chinese.
Nico: I can speak Italian.
Percy: I can speak…horse…
Percy: …and fish.

Why did Clarisse refuse to join the choir?
She said her battle cries are music enough!

What did Poseidon say to the giant squid?
“What’s Kraken?”

Why was Annabeth Chase so good at school projects?
Because she always had a plan, a backup plan, and a backup plan for her backup plan!

Why does Cerberus like the underworld so much?
Because of the Styx.

Why doesn’t Luke Castellan use maps?
Because he always finds himself on the wrong side of the quest!

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Annabeth: Camp Half-Blood is the only safe place for Demi-Gods.
Gods: LOL, about that…

Have you heard of this drug called Medusa?
Heard it gets you stoned.

Why did Thalia Grace start a band?
Because she wanted to make some electrifying music!

What did Zeus use to make the best fries ever?
Ancient Greece.

How does Annabeth Chase organize a party?
With a detailed blueprint, a strategic guest list, and an emergency exit strategy!

Percy: Knock, knock.
Frank: Who’s there?
Percy: Who?
Frank: Who who?
Percy: Aw, come on Frank! Don’t tell me you turned into an owl again.
Annabeth: facepalm

How does Annabeth Chase solve a difficult puzzle?
By using her “Athena”tion to detail!

Why is Apollo’s sister so easy to find?
Because she’s Hard-temis.

Why don’t the gods use email?
Because Hermes insists that all godly messages be delivered in person!

Why was Grover Underwood so good at gardening?
Because he always had a satyrical approach to plants!

Percy: God hates me.
Guidance Counselor: Now, you know that’s not true.
Percy: No, like, at least a few of them definitely do.

Why did Luke Castellan start a bakery?
Because he’s an expert at cooking up schemes!

Why don’t the other Olympians hang out with Dionysus?
All he does is wine.

Why doesn’t Clarisse play hide and seek?
Because hiding is for cowards.

Percy Jackson fans: I want to go to camp half blood.
Harry Potter fans: I want to go to Hogwarts,
Narnia fans: I want to go to Narnia,
Hunger Games fans: I’m good.

What do you call Thalia when she’s in a good mood?
A positive charge!

What did Zeus say to Athena when she cracked out of his head in full armor?
“Girl, you are really getting on Minerva.”

How does Grover find lost demigods?
He just kids around until they show up!

What did Percy Jackson’s mom love about his dad, Poseidon?
His seamen.

What do you call it when Zeus gets gonorrhea?

What’s Kronos’ favorite food?
A kids meal.

Do you know that the sexiest mythological creature is Medusa?
Whenever you see her you get rock-hard!

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