20 Funny Shark Week Memes That Are Simply Fin-tastic

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Shark Week, first launched by Discovery Channel in 1988, has evolved into a cultural phenomenon that’s eagerly anticipated by shark enthusiasts and casual viewers alike. Every year, for one week, millions tune in to this special programming dedicated to the mysterious, awe-inspiring world of sharks. It offers a mix of entertainment, education, and conservation advocacy that’s unmatched in its scope and popularity. In 2023, the event is set to reach new heights with actor Jason Momoa helming the show, adding his unique charm and charisma to the thrilling encounters with these apex predators of the ocean.

Over the years, Shark Week has not only made waves in the realm of edutainment but also in the world of memes. Shark Week memes, capturing both the grandeur and the humorous side of this event, have become an integral part of the viewing experience. They range from playful takes on shark behaviors to tongue-in-cheek references about the hosts. With Jason Momoa set to host the 2023 Shark Week starting on Sunday, July 23rd, expect a fresh surge of memes featuring the actor’s iconic persona amidst the awe-inspiring, dramatic backdrop of sharks.

It’s these memes, alongside the breathtaking programming, that add to the overall entertainment, making Shark Week a much-loved event every year.

Best Shark Week Memes

1. Only a few days left for Shark Week!

Shark Week Is Coming Meme

2. You won’t recognise her!

Shark Week Meme on Jason Momoa

3. Its ‘Me’ Week!

Yay Its Me Week Meme on Shark

4. Come over!

Babe Come Over Meme on Shark Week

5. Shark Week vs Shark Fest!

Shark Week vs Shark Fest Meme

6. The safest time for beach lovers!

Shark Week Show Meme on Beach

7. Relatable!

Funny Shark Week Meme on Fishing

8. Gentlemen, here comes Shark Week!

Its Shark Week Meme on Shark King

9. The killer sharks are here!

Its Shark Week Meme on Happy Shark

10. Shark week is worth the risk!

Shark Week Period Meme

11. The content on Shark Week!

Shark Week Bait Meme

12. Sad sharks!

Sad Noises Meme on Shark Week

13. Normal People vs Fans in Shark Week!

Shark Week Fan Meme

14. Sharks in real life are still terrifying!

Shark in Media vs Shark in Real Life Meme

15. One melon at a time!

Shark Week Melon Meme

16. That’s cute!

Shark Week Excitement Meme

17. Well that’s obvious, isn’t it?!

Shark Week Host Meme

18. Seals did bad to Buster!

Best Shark Week Meme on Seals and Buster

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19. We need an Alabama Shark Week show!

Shark Week in Alabama Meme

20. Happy Shark Week!

Happy Shark Week Meme on Fish

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  1. Why did Discovery Channel choose Jason Momoa, aka Aquaman, to host Shark Week 2023?
    Because they knew no one else could convince the sharks to stick to the script!


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