45 Funny OnlyFans Jokes And Puns to Make You Laugh Out

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You’ve probably seen a short clip where a man approaches strangers in expensive sports cars and asks what they do to afford such a car. The response “I’m a model on OnlyFans” can sound sarcastic at times. But in reality, OnlyFans is booming. In its financial figures for the year 2021, net income increased by 160% to $932 million, with a pre-tax profit of $433 million.

OnlyFans has transformed the relationship between creators and their fans since its inception. Making money was difficult for adult creators in 2016 because cam sites had unfair payout percentages. So what did OnlyFans do? They allowed creators to share personalized content with their audience while receiving a higher payout percentage (80%). When adult creators realized they could make more money on OnlyFans, they increased their efforts to promote it on Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, TikTok, and other social media platforms.

Some say it’s the modern-day get-rich-quick myth: while success stories continue to emerge, success itself does not. Those who truly achieve success (2%) will receive a lot of attention, which for many people may be sufficient. But how long will the focus of attention last? Only time will tell, especially for aging creators since young creators are joining every day. Till then, enjoy these jokes.

Best OnlyFans Jokes

Did you know that strippers don’t have any air conditioners in their homes?

Heard about my neighbor’s girlfriend’s OnlyFans account?
It’s doing really well, he just has to figure out how to break the news to her.

How is dating a girl with OnlyFans a lot like having your own private, reserved parking spot?
Anyone and everyone can see it, but only you actually get to use it.

Did you hear that John’s mother found Onlyfans filled with videos of girls slamming their butts together on his phone?
He told her that they’re just trying to make ends meet.

What would Julius Ceasar have said after discovering Onlyfans?
“Veni, Vidi, Veni.”

Do you know about the man who installed a wind turbine in his yard?
Says if you want pics, subscribe to my OnlyFans site.

Why should one donate to a charity called OnlyFans?
Because those girls can’t even afford clothes.

Did you hear about the OnlyFans delivery service?
It’s called WhoreDash.

How do you get OnlyFans for free?
Use Instagram.

Did you know that the older generation thinks OnlyFans is a webstore that just sold air conditioning units?
Well, you can still find something on there to spin around and blow you.

What’s the difference between OnlyFans and OnlyFlans?
OnlyFlans is for hunger, but OnlyFans is for thirst.

What do butchers and men with Onlyfans accounts have in common?
They both get paid to beat their meat.

Do you know why Onlyfans is going to go out of business?
Because everything is half off.

Did you hear about the cat who made an OnlyFans account?
People love her cat-nips.

What is a wind turbine’s side hustle?

Does Vladimir Putin have an Onlyfans account?
No, he can’t access the online payment.

Do you know Air conditioning is not allowed in the p*rn headquarters?
Only fans.

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Why are models against air conditioning?
Because they use OnlyFans.

Did you know Jack’s classmate is thinking of dating an Onlyfans model?
It’s a thot experiment.

Have you heard about the wife who wants her husband to blow air on her any time she gets hot?
He’s her OnlyFan.

They should create an OnlyFans site for ugly people
Call it MyOnlyFan

Why did the air conditioners get divorced?
One was caught on OnlyFans

What do you call a grumpy donkey with an OnlyFans

What do Peter Parker and OnlyFans girls have in common?
They love selling pictures of themselves for money.

What do software engineers and OnlyFans owners have in common?
They prefer to work remotely.

Why do fat chicks charge 5$ for their OnlyFans?
Because that’s how much a combo meal at Mcdonald’s costs.

What is the Gay version of OnlyFans?

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What is that one ability that unlocks when girls get 18?

What’s the favorite sex position of someone who dates an OnlyFans girl?
Holding the camera.

How is having depression similar to your girl having an Onlyfans?
You might be cool with it but, you stay wondering who’s watching and what they think.

What music do you hear when an OnlyFans subscriber cracks a joke?
A symphony.

What’s cooler than OnlyFans?
Only Air Conditioners.

Have you guys heard about the 80s tribute band releasing an album via OnlyFans?
They’re called Huey Lewd-is and the Nudes.

What does Santa say when he finds out about Mrs. Claus’s Only fans?
Hoe hoe hoe.

What should you do if you can’t afford to fix your A/C?
Start using only fans.

What is the most asked question to people who have OnlyFans?
“What is stopping you from upgrading to an air conditioner?”

What do you say when you’re introducing someone to your accountant with an OnlyFans?
“It’s the thot that counts.”

What do you call OnlyFans in Alabama?

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Why is OnlyFans so cheap in Alabama?
Family discount.

No one told me my teacher had an OnlyFans account.
I came to that conclusion.

Have you heard that to stay competitive in a saturated market of OnlyFans performers, a local prostitute opened a hotel where clients are woken up with fell*tio and then cooked pancakes?
It’s a head n’ breakfast.

Do you know it really takes balls to make an OnlyFans?
A nice a** helps too.

For more, you can read our list of dirty jokes. Do you have a more funny joke about OnlyFans? Leave your one-liners and puns in the comments section!

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