20 Funny Wednesday Jokes To Walk Into Hump Day

Wednesday Jokes on Hump Day
Funny Wednesday Jokes

Wednesdays may be unpleasant, especially when you’re drowning in work and have nothing spectacular to keep you motivated during the day. It’s not as bad as Monday, but it’s also not as interesting as Friday. Wednesdays aren’t all that horrible, but we could all use some jokes to get through them.

Hump day jokes are related to Hump Day, also known as Wednesday, which occurs in the midst of the typical five-day work week. The term depicts the work week as a difficult climb to the midpoint, after which it is all downhill. To brighten your day at work, school or home, we have come up with these Wednesday jokes that you can share with all your besties to make them giggle. These puns will make you laugh and make your day a little more tolerable.

Best Hump Day Jokes

What did the one-humped camel and a two-humped camel name their baby that had no humps


Why is the d silent in Wednesday?

Cause on hump day you’re already getting the D.

What’s the difference between you and a Calendar?

Hump day comes once a week.

On a Saturday, how do you make a blonde laugh?

You tell her a joke on Wednesday.

What do you call when it’s not raining on Wednesday?

Simply, dry hump day.

Why are Saturday and Sunday stronger than Wednesday?

Because Wednesday is a weak day.

What is a camel’s favorite day of the week?

Hump Day!

When is the ideal day to have camel meat?


4 people – Optimist, pessimist, realist and opportunist were celebrating Wine Wednesday.

Optimist: My glass is half full.

Pessimist: Guys, my glass is half empty.

Realist: My glass is neither empty nor full. It is what it is – a glass of wine.

Opportunist: While you idiots were arguing about the content of the glass, I drank all the wine.

What normally comes after “Taco Tuesday?”

Wipe-it Wednesday.

Why did Weeknd and Wednesday Addams break up?

They were unable to sort their days together.

Boss: You’ve been late three times this week! Do you understand what that means?

Employee: Err…it means… it’s Wednesday?!

Three elderly ladies are seated on a bus

The first one mentions that it is windy.

The second one corrects her by saying that it’s Thursday, not Wednesday.

The third person adds, “Yeah, I’m thirsty too; we should get something to drink.”

Why was the wedding of the virgins held in the midst of the week?

Because it’s hump day on Wednesday.

How are Mondays and Wednesdays similar?

Well, Wednesdays are like Monday but just in the middle of the week.

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How long does it take from Sunday to Wednesday?


Two dogs were discussing at work.

First: Can you see the weekend?

Second: No, I can’t. There is a camel in the way asking people if they know what day it is.

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Why would the alcoholic reject grapes on Wine Wednesday?

Well, he is not used to consuming wine in pill form.

Where do camels go after dinner on Wednesday?

Straight for the desert trolley.

What do you call a camel that cries midweek?

A humpback-wail.

What is a camel kid’s favorite nursery rhyme for Wednesday?

Hump-ty Dumpty.

Going through a week really isn’t as hard as they say it is.

Once you get over the hump, the rest is easy.

When should one take out his girlfriend who is a bin lady?

Any day among Wednesday or Thursday.

We hope you like our collection of the funniest Wednesday jokes to get you through midweek.

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