Aap Jo Bol Rahe Hai – Meme Template

Aap Jo Bol Rahe Hai meme template of Anil Kapoor in Nayak
Aap Jo Bol Rahe Hai – Meme Template

The Aap Jo Bol Rahe Hai meme originates from the 2001 Bollywood movie Nayak. One of the many screenshots which became viral in recent days is from the interview of Shivaji Rao (the character played by Anil Kapoor) and Balraj Chauhan (the character played by Amrish Puri) when Shivaji Rao tries to play down the one day CM offer of Balraj Chauhan by saying, “Aap Jo Bol Rahe Hai Voh Behes Ke Liye, Sunne Ke Liye Acha Hai. Lekin Practical Nahi Hai.”

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