Aasan Hai Kya – Meme Template

Aasan Hai Kya Meme Template on Ae Dil Hai Mushkil
Aasan Hai Kya – Meme Template

The Aasan hai kya meme originates from the 2016 Indian Hindi-language musical romantic drama film Ae Dil Hai Mushkil. In this Bollywood movie, Ayan Sanger (the character played by Ranbir Kapoor) said this dialogue to Tahir Taliyar Khan (the character played by Shah Rukh Khan) at an art gallery. He says, “Aasan hai kya? Aisi Mohabbat karna jiske badle Mohabbat Na mile?” In this way, Ayan tries to understand if it would be possible to revive his friendship with Alizeh Khan (the character played by Anushka Sharma). The popular use of Aasan hai kya meme is to mock someone’s prolonged pain.

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