Dange Karwayenge Kya Aap – Meme Template

Dange Karwayenge Kya Aap meme template of PK movie
Dange Karwayenge Kya Aap – Meme Template

The Dange Karwayenge Kya Aap meme originates from the 2014 Indian film PK. In this Bollywood movie, inspector Roshan Singh (the character played by Rajiv Gupta) says this dialogue to alien PK (the character played by Aamir Khan) when the inspector realises that PK is going to mandir (temple) instead of Church for prayers and offerings. The inspector of the New Delhi railway station says, “Etna kyun peete ho ki apna dharam hi bhool jaate ho? Church chhodhkar mandir mei ghuss gaye. Dange Karwayenge Kya Aap?” The popular use of Dange Karwayenge Kya Aap meme is to poke fun at someone whose actions might just break out a riot.

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