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Jal Lijiye – Meme Template

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Jal Lijiye Meme Template on Vivah
Jal Lijiye – Meme Template

The Jal Lijiye meme originates from the 2006 Indian Hindi-language romantic drama film Vivah. In this Bollywood movie, Poonam Mishra (the character played by Amrita Rao) says to Bhagat (the character played by Manoj Joshi), “Jal” when the latter pays a visit to her uncle’s home. In Indian culture, it is tradition to offer guests a drink of water which is portrayed in the film. The meme was doing rounds on the social media platforms like Reddit and Twitter. On 30th May 2021, @AmritaRao posted a video on Twitter reenacting the sequence. This prompted a lot of users to insert their own take in various situations by adding “thak gaye honge” meaning drink some water since you must be tired. The popular use of the Jal Lijiye meme is to mock someone’s unyielding work.

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