Mai Expert Hu – Meme Template

Mai Expert Hu meme template of Rajpal Yadav
Mai. Mereko Sab Ata Hai. Mai Expert Hun – Meme Template

The Mai Expert Hu meme originates from the 2006 Bollywood movie Chup Chup Ke. The screenshot which went viral involves Bandya (the character played by actor Rajpal Yadav) saying the lines to Prabhat Singh Chauhan (the character played by actor Om Puri) when enquired about the person better at the laundry. Although In the movie, Bandya says, “Mai Bohot Ache Tareeke Se Kapde Dhota Hoon. Esko Bilkul Nahi Aata.” The meme community tweaked into,” Mai. Mereko Sab Ata Hai. Mai Expert Hun.”

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