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Mat Maan Maa Ch*da – Meme Template

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Mat maan maa chuda meme template
Mat Maan – Meme Template

The origin of the Mat Maan Meme Template is pretty hilarious just like this meme sensation. The 12-year-old boy seen in this template is neither an Indian nor of Indian origin. In reality, this boy Arda Tamaç, son of Salih Tamaç and Melek Tamaç is from Bulanık, a town in Turkey. Although Arda loves reading books and playing basketball, little he might be knowing about his meme virality in India. Although not much active on Facebook, Arda does have an Instagram account(now deleted). Now, since you know the origin of the meme, it can easily be recognized that Arda surely can’t speak Hindi, forget that he said such lines. So, the question still remains that who got his photos from social media and created the first meme on it.

The western Internet community knows Arda as Yotube, Staring Kid, Irony Kid, and “Got Your Nose” Kid. This photo above was taken from his Facebook account which was updated in 2015. The story seems bizarre but stays true.

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