20 Funny Army Recruiter Memes for High Schoolers in 2023

Funny Army Recruiter Memes on Military
Best Army Recruiter Memes

The United States military is the largest, most powerful and most dangerous fighting force on the planet. A military that hasn’t been involved in a defensive war since the 1940s, yet the budget continues to balloon every year. US military spending currently exceeds that of the next 10 nations combined and has over 600 military bases outside their borders occupying over 80 countries around the world. 

When you think of a modern fighting force, you typically think of tanks fighter jets humvees drones and aircraft carriers but these giant death machines don’t operate on their own. The US military like any other country in the world relies on recruiting, i.e., Americans willing to pick up arms and kill for their country. The US military says that they have a fighting force of 500 000 soldiers which naturally must require an intense recruiting program. so how does the world’s largest military entice the next generation of soldiers?

Well noways, it seems they are luring youngsters with cartoons, animations, and freebies. In fact, they have used video gaming platforms like Twitch to attract the next generation. It has been alleged and scoffed at that they have used dating platforms like Tinder and Bumble too. In 2021, the Army disabled comments on new recruiting commercials on the online video sharing platform YouTube amid criticism it’s too ‘woke.’

We know a lot of recruiters are straight up and a lot of people join the military because they want stability and get themselves a better life. However, it’s the weird techniques that show a pattern of overstepping appropriate recruitment boundaries. We are being kind of heavy here so let’s get ahead and check out the best army recruiter memes. But before that, check out the stand-up act by comedian Gary Owens.

Marines. Army. Navy – Standup Comedy by Gary Owens

Stand-Up Comedy on Recruiters

Best Army Recruiter Memes

1. A 35-year-old recruiter.

Wojak Meme on Army Recruiter

2. Come again, son?!

After Recruitment Meme on Army

3. They never do!

Funny Recruiter Meme on Army

4. You built for the army, dude.

Funny Army Recruiter Meme on School

5. That went intense.

Army Recruiter Meme on School

6. A 32 on ASVAB?

Best Army Recruiter Meme

7. Then sign here!

US military recruiter meme

8. Looking for a real-life scenario, son?!

US Army Recruiter meme

9. Party every night.

Army Bootcamp meme

10. He is the shape.

Fat US Soldier Meme on Recruitment

11. Easy work.

Army Recruiter Meme on High School Senior

12. Not hard to understand, eh?

Army Recruiter Meme on High School Senior

13. I like your words.

High School Senior Meme on Army Recruiter

14. What are your 2nd and 3rd options?

Army Recruiter Meme on GPA

15. Blunt af.

Best Army Recruiter Meme on High School Graduation

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16. Getting ready for a minimum wage job.

Funny Army Recruiter Meme on Joker

17. Army recruiter didn’t bother to use the calculator.

Army Recruiter Interview Meme

18. Welcome to the army.

Army Meme on Recruiter

19. You thinking what I am thinking?!

Army Recuiter Meme on Mr Bean

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20. Army recruiter on tinder.

Worst Pick Up Line Meme on Marines

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