20 Funny D-Day Memes To Teach Military History

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The 79th anniversary of the start of Operation Overlord, also known as D-Day, is on June 6, 2023. The letter D in D-Day simply stands for “Day.” This coded identifier was assigned to the day of any major invasion or military operation. In case you don’t recall the dates, D-Day was originally scheduled for June 5, 1944, but it was moved to June 6 due to weather. We have aggregated funny D-Day Memes to mark this largest seaborne invasion in history.

During World War 2, by June 6, 1944, the Allies had landed 150,000 men in Normandy. The five beaches were secure and the troops were pushing inland. The Allies have gained air and sea superiority. However, the landing forces were not as strong as they could have been due to limited landing craft and paratroop aircraft. There were five landing areas: Utah and Omaha which involved the US troops and Gold & Juno and Sword which involved British and Canadian Troops. They took most of their objectives and disrupted possible German counter-attacks. On Omaha Beach, German resistance was the most fierce with heavy allied casualties. But, by the end of the day, the beach was clear. Utah beach was the easiest to clear while the other three beaches were somewhere in between. It was important for the allied troops to gain as much territory as possible to make room for the follow-up forces. The inland advance later in the day, however, came up short of the D-Day objectives. There would be much harder fighting in the days to come.

Best D-Day Memes 

1. German machine guns were deadly lasers.

Veterans Meme on D-Day

2. We can invade that.

Allied Troops Meme on D-Day

3. The mother of cross-overs!

French beaches Meme on WW2

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4. Dropped!

D-Day Meme on Allies and Germany

5. Happy D-Day, Grandpa!

Happy D-Day Meme on Grandpa

6. Pro-Move at Normandy Beaches!

Allies Meme on D-Day

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7. War at three fronts!

World War 2 Meme on D-Day

8. After the occupations of Denmark and Norway in April and early May 1940, Hitler invaded France on 10 May 1940.

Normandy Meme on D-Day

9. Excuse me!

D-Day Meme on Beach

10. Had no extraction plan.

D-Day Meme on Soldiers

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11. In danger, fellow troops!

Beast of Omaha Meme on D Day

12. School Bus vs D-Day landing craft!

School Shooting Meme on D-Day

13. People at Omaha beach.

Sandcastle Meme on D-Day

14. Who fought the most on D-Day?

German Meme on D Day

15. Wrong intel!

Normandy Landing Meme on D Day

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16. Twice rejected from the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts.

Hitler Art School Meme on D Day

17. They never knew!

Funny D Day Meme on Germany

18. The Beast of Omaha!

German Bunker Omaha Beach Meme on D Day

19. Preparing for D-Day!

D Day Meme on Soldiers

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20. SpongeBob Stepping On The Omaha Beach.

SpongeBob Stepping on the beach meme on D Day

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