25 Best Memorial Day Memes To Share This Year

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One thing that many people don’t know about Memorial Day is that it wasn’t always called Memorial Day. The original name for this day was Decoration Day because family and friends of soldiers who had died serving in the military would go to the cemetery and decorate their graves. Another thing that people get confused about is Memorial Day and Veterans Day. Every year, Memorial Day is celebrated on the last Monday in May i.e., May 29 2023 but Veterans Day is celebrated in November. Memorial Day is there to celebrate soldiers who died while serving whereas Veterans Day is there to honor all of our military veterans. To honor the fallen, we have created the funniest Memorial Day memes for the living that you can find below.

Now when you look at history, many people argue about where the celebration began but most people point to the year 1868 after the Civil War. This was because approximately six hundred and twenty thousand soldiers died on both sides with the Union and the Confederates fighting for control of the country. When it comes to famous cemeteries you can’t talk about any cemetery without mentioning Arlington Cemetery. There are over 300,000 soldiers buried in Arlington Cemetery.  On Memorial Day the United States flag is flown at half-mast meaning halfway up the flagpole until noon. Later, it is raised all the way to the top meaning full mass until sunset in tribute to those who have fallen in the line of duty. In 1967, this holiday that honored those who died in service to the military was officially named Memorial Day. Later in 1971, it became an official federal holiday and now you see that we celebrate this day each year.

On this holiday, there are some families that go to the cemetery and have a picnic to honor their fallen loved ones. Although this isn’t a widely accepted way of celebrating this day, you can still find people who do this to remember their loved ones. With Memorial Day being so close to summertime, it is said that nearly 32 million people travel each year on this holiday. This is because a lot of families use it as an opportunity to take a summer vacation. Now, that you have learned about its history, let’s head onto Memorial Day memes.

Funny Memorial Day Memes

1. Honor the fallen!

Memorial Day Meme on US Military

2. Not about a 3-day weekend.

Memorial Day 3 Day Weekend Meme

3. Memorial Day vs Veterans Day!

Memorial Day Vs Veterans Day Meme

4. Easy to understand!

Veterans Day Meme on Memorial Day

5. POV of Memorial Day.

Memorial Day Meme on Reality

6. Stop thanking.

Thank You Meme on Memorial Day

7. Thank the living for their sacrifice!

Thank You Memorial Day Meme

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8. Certainly not BBQ day!

Funny Memorial Day Meme

9. Summertime starts after Memorial Day!

Food Meme on Memorial Day

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10. Happy Memorial Day!

Happy Memorial Day Meme

11. That uninvited guest.

Memorial Day BBQ Meme

12. Memorial Day Weekends are fun!

Memorial Day Image on Weekend

13. Deep thinking!

Memorial Day Weekend Meme

14. Let’s raise a glass to the heroes!

Memorial Day Meme To Share

15. I am not dead!

Funny Memorial Day Meme on dead

16. That look!

Funny Memorial Day Meme on Barbeque Day

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17. ROTC kids on Memorial Day!

ROTC Meme on Memorial Day

18. No difference!

They are the same picture meme on Memorial Day

19. Cookout invitations!

Cookout Meme on Memorial Day

20. Starter pack for grill man!

Memorial Day Meme on Grill

21. For war mongers!

Army Meme on Memorial Day

22. Still waiting!

Memorial Day Holiday Meme

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23. Here lies!

Memorial Day Remembrance Meme

24. Honor and Remember!

Memorial Day and Veterans Day Meme

25. What warning?

Tornado Meme on Memorial Day

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