50 Burrito Jokes And Puns That Are Unwrap-lievably Funny

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Did you know that the world’s largest burrito weighed a whopping 12,785 pounds? Now that’s a lot of beans, rice, and laughter! As burritos continue to hold a special place in our hearts (and stomachs), it’s no surprise that they’ve also become a source of hilarity in the form of puns, one-liners, and jokes.

From side-splitting humor to cheesy quips, burrito jokes are the perfect way to share your love for this delectable dish while bringing smiles to the faces of your friends and family. So, let’s unwrap some of the funniest burrito jokes out there and get ready to roll with laughter!

Funny Burrito Jokes

What would you call a burrito shop if it was opened in Prague?
Bohemian Wrap City.

How do you make a neato burrito?
With cool beans.

What does a duck put in its burrito?

Yo mama so short, she hang glides on a Burrito.

Why is your ex-girlfriend just like a spicy burrito?
It must hurt when she left you.

Knock, knock.
(Who’s there?)
(Bean who?)
Bean craving a burrito, so let’s taco ’bout it!

What do a McChicken, a whopper, a beefy 5-layer burrito, and an extra most bestest pizza have in common?
They’ve all seen me naked.

What did the movie director say when he finished his burrito?
“That’s a wrap!”

What do you call a cold burrito?
A burrr-ito.

What do you call Muhammad Ali after he eats a burrito?
Gaseous Clay.

What special ingredient do cannibals put in their burritos?
People de gallo.

What is a symbiote’s favorite meat for their burrito?
Carnage Asada.

Where does a bandit buy his burritos?
Gangsta Wraps.

Yo mama so American, when you ordered a burrito she put the house on lock down.

What kind of beans are in God’s burrito?
Holy Frijoles!

A man worked at this burrito place and their kids burritos are called “little monsters” because their large burritos are called “monster” burritos.
One day, a dad comes up to order and says, “Hi, I need a small burrito for my daughter!”
“Do you mean the ‘little monster’?”
“Oh, you’ve met her?”

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What do you call a frightened baby donkey?
A chicken burrito.

Did you hear about the guy who forgot to put cheese on his burrito?
How dairy!

Why didn’t momma Onion want her kids in a burrito?
She didn’t want them to be wrap scallions.

What’s a ghost’s favorite food?

Why can’t you trust burritos?
Because they will spill the beans!

How do you turn a regular burrito into a breakfast burrito?
Wake up with it still in your hand.

Two Egyptian archaeologists had burritos together for lunch.
Now they have a Tutankhamun.

What does a Mexican do with a dead toe?

What do you call a short Mexican researcher in Antarctica?
A Burrito.

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How do you inter a burrito?
Sour cremation.

How did two burrito friends who hadn’t seen each other for ages greet each other?
They hugged and asked each other, “How have you bean?”

Why was the burrito fed up with his fillings?
It’s because they wouldn’t Romaine calm.

Why was the burrito embarrassed?
It saw the salad dressing.

Started the new Simple Keto Diet the other day. All you have to do is eat anything that ends in “to”…
Cheeto’s, Dorrito’s, Frito’s, taquito’s, burrito’s, etc…!

Do you know that burritos are like blunts?
If you cant roll, get a bowl.

What has a burrito and a drag queen got in common?
If you aren’t good at tucking, your meat’s going to be on show.

How many Mexicans does it take to eat the world’s largest burrito?
Just Juan.

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What did the cheerful burrito say to the depressed burrito?
“Take it cheesy, man!”

How much does a Chinese burrito weigh?
Won Ton.

What does college life feel like?
A burrito. It always feels like everything is going to fall apart!

Why did the burrito go to therapy?
Because it had too many layers to unwrap!

What do you call a burrito’s sense of humor?
A wrap-turous delight!

What did one burrito say to the other before they went to sleep?
“Wrap up tight!”

How do you know if a Mexican woman is pregnant?
Stuff a burrito up her v*gina and if it comes out half eaten you’ve got a little beaner on the way.

Do you know that working in p*rn for free sex is like working at Chipotle for the free burritos?
Yeah, you’re getting paid, but it destroys your a$$hole

How is being a Jew like eating a burrito?
It’s really not a problem until they give you gas.

How are Uncles like burritos?
The bad ones hurt your a$$hole.

What happens when a hooker eats a bean burrito?

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