25 Best Juneteenth Memes To Make You Laugh This Year

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Juneteenth is the oldest known celebration commemorating the ending of slavery in the United States. President Abraham Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation freeing enslaved Africans in the United States in 1862 and the 13th amendment passed Congress officially abolishing the institution of slavery in 1863, but it would take years for words to spread. On June 19, 1865, Union soldiers led by Major General Gordon Granger landed at Galveston Texas with the news that the Civil War was over and the roughly 250,000 enslaved people there were now free from the orders. To mark this day, we have aggregated some of the funniest Juneteenth memes that are on the Internet.

Though the newly freed in Texas didn’t receive the full benefits of freedom they turned the day into a celebration. June 19th was coined Juneteenth – a blending of the words June and 19th every year. Juneteenth became a chance for people to get together with family members, measure progress against freedom, and teach rising generations the importance of self-improvement. They would read the Emancipation Proclamation, hear sermons, share meals and play games and many of those same traditions carry on today in Juneteenth celebrations across the US. Now let us take a look at some of the funniest Juneteenth memes, jokes, and puns.

Happy Juneteenth Memes

1. It’s almost time!

Almost Juneteenth Meme

2. Enough to make men cry!

Funny Juneteenth Meme on Right Wing

3. Weak work of mouth!

Juneteenth Meme on 1865

4. Welcome to corporate America!

Corporations June Month Meme on Gay and Black

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5. Always has been!

Always Has Been Meme On Juneteenth

6. Did you?

Samuel L Jackson Meme on Juneteenth

7. Both white & black people can celebrate!

Juneteenth And Father's Day Meme

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8. A Juneteenth meme which is worth a read!

Juneteenth Meme on Gay Pride

10. Here come, general Gordon Granger!

Gordon Granger Meme on Slaves

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11. General, what the heck is Emancipation Proclamation?

Black Slave Meme on Emancipation Proclamation

12. Now, a national holiday!

Juneteenth Meme on Joe Biden

13. That is a dank!

Inappropriate Juneteenth Meme

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14. Had us in the first half!

Happy Juneteenth Meme on Free Slave

15. Fourth of July is very sulky today!

Fourth Of July Meme on Juneteenth

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16. Corporate America contributing to Juneteenth.

Juneteenth Watermelon Salad Meme

17. Ready?

Hilarious Juneteenth Meme

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18. That one black friend!

Black Friend Meme on Juneteenth

19. Happy Juneteenth, except for the racist mfs!

Racist Meme on Juneteenth

20. Go on!

Happy Juneteenth Meme on Dancing

21. Some say its a Jewish Conspiracy!

Black Day Meme in June

22. Equality for all!

Slavery Outlawed Meme

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23. Well that’s disheartening!

Afro American Meme on Slavery

24. What rule is that, sir?!

Juneteenth Meme on White People

25. Black People in 1865,

Black People in 1865 Meme

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