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Cinco de Mayo, which is on the 5th of May every year is the annual celebration of Mexican heritage. Many Americans incorrectly assume that Cinco de Mayo is Mexico’s Independence Day. Instead just like Saint Patrick’s day is the day to celebrate Irish culture for Irish Americans, Cinco de Mayo is the day for Mexican Americans to show pride in their unique heritage. The American celebration of Cinco de Mayo features parades and parties including a Mariachi band, Mexican folk music, dancing, Mexican-American cuisines, and the most famous Mexican jokes. Yes, we have aggregated some of the best Cinco de Mayo jokes and puns for you below.

But do you know why we actually celebrate Cinco de Mayo? Cinco de Mayo is the Spanish word that literally means the fifth of May. Yes, Cinco means “fifth” or “five” in Spanish and de Mayo is “of May.” Cinco de Mayo commemorates the date of the Mexican army’s victory over France in the Battle of Puebla on 5th May 1862. The victory of the smaller Mexican force against the large French force was a boost for the Mexicans as a small troop of untrained Mexican soldiers at Puebla defeated a well-armed large group of French invaders.

Best Cinco de Mayo Jokes

Let’s now read some of the best Cinco de Mayo jokes:

I hate Cinco De Mayo!
-Said no Juan ever

Did you hear about Jack’s astronomer friend who had too much beer on Cinco de Mayo and threw up?
I guess you could say it was a corona mass ejection.

Why was the only rule for Donald Sterling’s girlfriend to celebrate Cinco de Mayo?
As long as she doesn’t bring any Mexicans to his games.

When Little Johnny was growing up he asked my dad what Cinco de Mayo was about.
He said that it was Mexico’s version of the Boston Tea Party, where they threw mayo off a ship and people were yelling “sink-o de mayo!”

What’s the only major difference between Cinco de Mayo and Saint Patrick’s day?
Nobody wants to pretend to be a Mexican for a day.

What do you call a Mexican boat that crashed into an Iceberg?

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What do you call 4 Mexicans in quick sand?
Cuatro cinco.

What do ducks make on cindo de Mayo?

When you enter a public restroom, what do you call the fifth sink in the row?

What is the significance of Cinco de Mayo?
It is the day when white people find out how low they can sinko.

What is tomorrow if today is Cinco de Mayo?
Lieo de Bosso.

How do Americans celebrate Cinco de Mayo?
By filling up their sink with mayonnaise.

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What do Americans call Cinco de Mayo?
Drinko de Mayo.

What is the warning label for Cinco de Mayo?
Watch the margaritas if you don’t want an Ache-in de Head-o.

What is a good Cinco de Mayo joke?
Good Cinco de Mayo jokes are Juan in a million.

On Cinco de Mayo, why did the Mexican throw his wife out the window?

What book do you read on Cinco de Mayo?
Tequila Mockingbird.

What do you call when beaners host Cinco de Drinko events?
A camp.

Cinco de Mayo joke on cat

Which DJ has the best shows on Cinco de Mayo?

Where do Hispanics celebrate Cinco de Mayo in the US?
Chili-con Valley.

What did the man call his cat after Cinco de Mayo?
A Purrito.

How do you find a Mexican during Cinco de Mayo celebrations?
Shout loud that the police are coming.

What is the similarity between Labor Day and Cinco de Mayo?
Only one, both are not celebrated by the Mexicans.

What do Mexican youth do on eve of Cinco de Mayo?
They Netflix and chili.

What do Mexican gamers play on eve of Cinco de Mayo?

Why Americans shouldn’t make jokes about Cinco de Mayo?
That’s crossing the border.

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Why do Americans love to celebrate Cinco de Mayo?
They will celebrate anything involving margaritas, especially a victory over France.

What did the American tell his friend who told him that he had enough for today?
“I am greatly outnumbered by these margaritas but to honor the Battle of Puebla, I shall triumph.”

Funny Cinco de Mayo joke on American Poll

What is the only distinguishing factor between St. Patrick’s Day and Cinco de Mayo?
Nothing, Cinco de Mayo is just spicy St. Patrick’s Day.

Why do people forget to post about Cinco de Mayo?
They do not forget, they are just too drunk.

What did the doctor say about Piñata?
We are going to do everything we can, but he has lost a lot of candies this Cinco de Mayo.

Which band had the best show on Cinco de Mayo?
Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Why does Conor McGregor hate Cinco de Mayo?
He just can’t stand Mayweather.

What do you call 4 Hispanics drowning in mayonnaise?
Sinko De Mayo.

On Cinco de Mayo, where are the best margaritas served?
In the Gulp of Mexico.

Which Disney princess is more visible on Cinco de Mayo?
Taco Belle.

How do you disrupt a Cinco De Mayo party?
Call Nine Juan Juan.

Fortune Teller: You will die on a major Mexican holiday.
Trump: “Which Mexican holiday? Cinco de Mayo?
Fortune Teller: It doesn’t matter because any day you die will be a major Mexican holiday.

Funny Cinko de Mayo Joke on Game of Thrones

What do you call a group of skunks drinking tequila?
Stinko de Mayo!

What is the only downside to Cinco de Mayo?
The hangover.

How is soda served at Cinco de Mayo?

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Why did the Mexican take anti-anxiety pills on Cinco de Mayo?
He took it for Hispanic attacks.

Which country music artist is the biggest fan of Cinco de Mayo?
Arriba McEntire.

Did you hear about the Mexican magician who performed at Cinco de Mayo?
He said, “I’m going to disappear.” “Uno, dos,…” He was gone without a tres.

How did the Mexican girl get pregnant at Cinco de Mayo?
Her teacher told her to do an essay!

Most people are unaware that Hellmann’s mayonnaise was first produced in England in 1912. The Titanic, in reality, was carrying 12,000 jars of the sauce, which were slated for delivery in Vera Cruz, Mexico, the ship’s next port of call after her stop in New York. This would have been the single-largest mayonnaise shipment ever sent to Mexico. The huge ship, however, did not make it to New York, as we all know. The ship sank after colliding with an iceberg, and the cargo was lost forever. Mexico’s mayonnaise-crazed citizens, who had been looking forward to its arrival, were devastated by the news. Their grief was so severe that they established a National Day of Mourning, which they continue to observe today. Every year on May 5th, the National Day of Mourning is observed, and it is known as – Sinko De Mayo.

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What’s a plumber’s favorite holiday?
Sinko De Mayo.

Go throw a jar of Hellman’s in the Lake!
Cause it’s Sinko de Mayo!

What is the first thing one must do on Cinco de Mayo?
Wake up.

What was yesterday? Star Wars Day.
What is today? Cinco de Mayo.
Combine the two and tomorrow is? Revenge of the Sixth.

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Knock, knock.
(Who’s there?)
(Juan who?)
Juan to go out for margaritas on Cinco de Mayo?

What do you call an Asian wearing a sombrero?
Chinko de Mayo.

Where should women be on May 5th?
At the kitchen Sinko de Mayo.

What do you call a canine born on Cinco De Mayo?
Felix Naughty Dog.

What do the Mexicans call “The Bachelorette”?
Pico de Gallo.

What did the Mexican say after celebrating Cinco De Mayo?
“Taco about a good time.”

As we come to the end of our lively collection of Cinco de Mayo jokes, we want to inspire our readers to join the fiesta by sharing their own unique and funny jokes in the comments section below. Let’s keep the laughter going and enrich our vibrant blog for Cinco de Mayo joke lovers. Don’t hold back, amigos, your humor has the power to spread joy and brighten someone’s day. We’re all here to have a good time, so feel free to let your inner jokester emerge and create some laughter-filled memories. We’re eager to read your hilarious submissions, and who knows, your joke might even be highlighted in our next roundup of Cinco de Mayo comedy! Vamos a reír, everyone!

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