50 Funny Hot Weather Jokes To Beat The Heat

Hot Weather Jokes on Heat Wave
Hot Weather Jokes

We know from our early geography lessons that the earth gets its seasons from its axial tilt. Because of this for half of the year, the northern hemisphere of the earth is tilted towards the Sun and for the other half of the year, the same applies for it’s the southern hemisphere. So June to August should give the entire northern hemisphere a nice warm summer right? Yeah, not exactly because the earth is only tilted by a small amount i.e., 23.5 degrees which means during the day the Equator is always facing the Sun and always getting the brunt of those rays. The further north or south you go from the equator, the more spread-out the sun’s rays get and the less heat is transferred.

Temperatures have been climbing for the past few weeks, causing widespread discomfort. So we created some hilarious hot weather jokes for the people to help them stay cool.

Best Hot Weather Jokes 

On hot summer days, what do cats eat?

A mice-cream cone!

What’s the hottest letter in the alphabet?

‘B’, because it makes oil, boil.

Why celebrities don’t have to worry about the heat?

They have a lot of fans.

It’s so hot, it smells like bacon.

In the summertime, what do you call a dog?

A hot dog, and in the winter it’s a chili dog.

It’s so hot, I dreamt I bought a house in Alaska.

When can you say, “It’s going to be a long day,” and no one can deny it?

Summer Solstice.

What is the one tea that an Englishman cannot stand?


What goes in hard and dry, but comes out soft and wet?


What do you call the sweat produced when two people make love in Alabama?

Relative humidity.

It’s so hot, if it drops below 100 it feels a bit chilly.

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It’s so hot that I got into a heated debate with my ex-wife and I said if you can’t stand the heat get off the grill.

It’s so hot that my computer froze.

Boy: Would you want to be the sun in my life?

Girl: Aww..that’s so sweet, of course.

Boy: All right, then stay 92.96 million miles away from me.

I’m literally sweating like someone who works in a warehouse without air conditioning.

What makes a priest sweat in the summer?


What’s got 99 balls and makes old ladies sweat?


Which runs faster, hot or cold?

Hot, Everyone can catch a cold.

It’s so hot in the shade, I decided to stay in the sun.

What would you call south Texas in a heat wave?

Corpus Crispy.

Why is the sun famous?

Because it is a rising star, everyday.

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Son: Dad, can you tell me when is the Summer solstice.

Dad: No sun.

It’s so hot that we use our seat belts for branding iron.

How many seasons are there in California?

We have four – hot, really hot, hotter than hot and are you kidding me hot.

It’s so hot, ice cube changed his name to puddle.

What do the sun and bread have in common?

They both rise in the yeast.

What do you call pet rabbits who are super cranky because of heat?

Hot cross buns.

It’s so hot, Bill Clinton slept with Hillary just to cool off.

My wife keeps turning off the air conditioning,

Not cool.

Why was it so hot inside after the baseball game?

All the fans left!

Why do we sweat a lot in summers?

Sweat is just your body crying because it wants you to stop moving

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What do fans do at hot, summer football games?

Heat waves.

During the heat wave, what came out of the sprinkler?


In a heat wave, what do you call a 3-pointer on the court?

A hot shot.

What did the Christian say during the heatwave?

Who turned the thermostat to ‘hell.’

My mom told me I’m so bright…

She called me sun!

What is the heat index?

Somewhere between OMG and WTF!

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I am sweating like Prince Andrew outside Mothercare.

What did the fridge say to the oven?

You’re kinda hot.

It’s so hot, my car’s truck nuts are touching the road.

Why is it that the corner of a room is usually hot?

Because a corner is at 90 degrees.

It’s hotter than a bunsen burner set to full power.

It’s so hot in Phoenix that all of the petting zoos are now KFC.

Son: Dad, how hot is the sun?

Dad: Very hot son! Infact, if there were just 999 more suns the heat would be nearly equivalent to my hatred for your mother.

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It’s so hot, Kanye West stepped out of the spotlight.

In the spring, what did the Earth say to the sun?

You need to lighten up, mate.

What do you call a librarian who has been sunburned?

Well red.

Why don’t football players feel the heat?

Because they have fans.

It’s so hot, I put in a DVD of Frozen and it played Waterworld.

I started using Only Fans and damn it’s hot.

I’m waiting for a technician to come to fix my air conditioner.

What do you call sweaty breast?


Why doesn’t the Sun attend college?

It need not, because it literally has a billion degrees and is already in UNIVERSity

How do you get 50 Canadians out of the swimming pool on a hot morning?

Say, ” Everyone out of the pool please.”

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On a tropical beach, what do you call Gnasher?

A hot dog!

What is the best letter to have in the summer morning?

Iced T.

What happens when garlic feels hot?

Takes all its cloves off.

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