15 Funny Michael Myers Memes For Spooky Halloween

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Michael Myers is the serial killer at the center of the Halloween series. He’s not exactly beloved, but he’s certainly iconic in his Shatner mask. After all, he is the one who has been terrorizing the quiet town of Haddonfield for 50 years. Over the years, he has created a vicious backstory that has made him the unmistakable face of this horror series, as well as a being so nasty that many people wonder if he is really human at all.

There are numerous aspects that separate Myers from other legendary slasher antagonists, most notably his behavior within the franchise. According to these memes, when he is not stalking the quiet town of Haddonfield, Michael is preparing for Halloween by enjoying his favorite season.

Hilarious Michael Myers Memes

1. Halloween in the summer heat!

Michael Myers Meme on Summer

2. Brothers of Destruction!

Michael Myers Jason Voorhees Meme

3. Happy Birthday!

Michael Myers Birthday Meme on Present

4. Creepy Halloweeen!

Michael Myers Halloween Meme on Candy

5. Equality for all!

Funny Michael Myers Meme on Equality

6. Michael Myers x Mariah Carey!

Michael Myers Marian Carey Meme on Wig

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7. Sad moment!

Michael Myers Sad Meme

8. Spooky 31st October!

Michael Myers Spooky Meme on October 31

9. Awkward face!

Michael Mysers Chasing Meme

10. California! Here I come!

Michael Myers Laurie Strode Meme

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11. Keep Calm, I will find you!

Michael Myers Meme On Courtroom

12. People can’t differentiate between Jason Voorhees and Michael Myers.

Michael Myers Costume Meme on Halloween

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13. Oops!

Dr Loomis Meme on Michael Myers

14. Relatable food junkies?!

Food Order Meme on Michael Myers

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15. Run!

Michael Myers Running Meme

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