15 Funny Frankenstein Memes For Spooky Halloween

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Over the years, there have been various variations of Frankenstein’s Monster, and in each one, Victor Frankenstein attempts to play God and create a life by reanimating a corpse. Frankenstein’s Monster is characterized as being extremely tall (about 9 feet) with massive grasping limbs and exceptional power in both Mary Shelley’s novel and the cinematic versions. So, we’ve put up a giant collection of hilarious Frankenstein memes just for you! They bring Halloween to life with their joy!
For those who don’t know, Frankenstein is the name of the scientist who created the monster, yet most people, especially children, associate the term Frankenstein with the monster.

Best Frankenstein Memes

1. That Halloween face!

Funny Frankenstein Meme on Halloween

2. IQ comparison!

Frankenstein Was The Name Of The Doctor Meme

3. Both win!

Scientist Vs Monster Meme on Frankenstein

4. It is frightening!

Frankenstein Frightening Meme

5. Why didn’t the zombie cross the road?

Why Didnt Zombie Cross The Road Meme on Young Frankenstein

6. Frankenstein is not the monster!

Real Monster Meme on Frankenstein

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7. Dressed as Frankenstein this Spooky season!

Actually Frankenstein Create A Monster Meme

8. Nice doc!

Brain Cancer Meme on Frankenstein

9. Sleep!

Victor Meme on Frankenstein

10. We love each of them, isn’t?

All Frankenstein Monsters Meme

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11. Science has left him a sad and lonely man.

Creature Meme on Dr Frankenstein

12. Body builder vs Building Bodies!

Body Builder Vs Building Bodies Meme on Frankenstein

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13. The bride of Frankenstein!

Bride Of Frankenstein Meme

14. Our!

Victor Frankenstein Meme on Surname

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15. Forever!

Frankenstein Monster Meme

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