20 Monkeypox Memes To Lighten The Mood

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Monkeypox is a virus that was previously endemic to sub-Saharan Africa and is now spreading around the world. The virus is thought to spread primarily through close contact whether that’s skin to skin, through contact with contaminated objects such as clothing or through respiratory droplets at close range. With COVID-19 still cancelling plans and running holidays, Monkeypox has now become a concern. So to lighten the mood, we have aggregated the funniest Monkeypox Memes on the Internet.

Most of the known cases in the current outbreaks outside of Africa have been in men who have sex with men but it’s important to note that anyone can get the virus through close contact. There’s no evidence yet that the virus can spread through aerosols which hang in the air and travel over long distances, unlike SARS-Cov-2.

The symptoms of monkeypox are a characteristic pimple or blister-like rash accompanied by flu-like symptoms such as fever, fatigue or swollen lymph nodes. In the past monkey pox often presented as a rash over the whole body often starting on the face but in the current outbreak the rash appears to be more localized to the genitals and some people have mild or no other symptoms. So stay humble and enjoy the funny memes below.

Funny Monkeypox Memes

1. It is the next pandemic!

Monkey Pox Pandemic Meme

2. The Patient Zero of monkeypox!

Monkey Pox Origin Meme

3. How did monkeypox start?

Guy Kissing Monkey Meme

4. WHO says monkeypox is a global emergency!

Monkeypox WHO Meme

5. Some creatures in this world can carry diseases!

Best Monkeypox Meme

6. Piling up the pain!

MonkeyPox and Covid Meme

7. Look behind, humanity!

Funny Monkeypox Meme on Humanity

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8. Something funny!

Monkeypox Sex Meme on Virgin

9. Ones who tested positive for monkeypox but never for Covid-19!

Monkeypox Positive Meme

10. The right question!

Monkeypox Pandemic Meme on Economy

11. Just people engaging with bats and monkeys!

Ruining The World Meme

12. Excited for summer?

Booster Dose Meme on Monkeypox

13. Those rashes all over!

Rashes Meme on Monkeypox

14. Nice pun!

Ape Meme on Monkeypox

15. Passing the baton!

Covid 19 and Monkeypox Meme

16. Not just affecting humanity!

Monkeypox Rash Meme on Car Tyre

17. Well well well!

Fucking Monkeys Meme on Monkeypox

18. Apes never spread it!

Monkeypox Spread Meme

19. Worst disease name ever!

Monkeypox Worse Disease Name Meme

20. After the end of the monkeypox outbreak!

End Of Monkeypox Meme

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