20 Funny September Memes for the 9th Month of the Year

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September is the Jan Brady of the calendar months—wedged right between the summer sizzle of August and the pumpkin-spiced basicness of October. It’s the time when school bells ring louder than freedom, when beach balls get deflated in favor of textbooks, and when your boss, who was once so chill, now sounds more like a drill sergeant. With Labor Day barbecues turning into memory lane and the first whiffs of fall in the air, September serves up the ultimate reality check. “Summer is over; get your life together,” it shouts, while sipping a lukewarm latte, because it’s still too early for hot coffee, but too late for iced.

Now, how does the Internet make peace with this seasonal identity crisis? With September Memes, naturally! These digital chuckles serve as our collective coping mechanism for the emotional roller coaster that is September.

Memes about trading flip-flops for loafers, or substituting margaritas with pumpkin spice lattes, capture the essence of the September transition. Others might focus on the universal dread of returning to school, complete with memes of kids crying at bus stops and parents either sobbing or celebrating. But the most iconic of them all? The “Wake Me Up When September Ends” meme, which pretty much encapsulates our collective desire to just fast-forward through this month like it’s a boring episode in an otherwise riveting Netflix series.

So go ahead, laugh at September’s awkwardness; it’s the meme therapy you didn’t know you needed!

Best September Month Memes

1. September Birthdays are best!

September Birthday Month Meme

2. Hello September!

February vs September Meme

3. It’s already September!

How Is It September Already Meme

4. The first to the shelf!

Christmas Meme on September

5. Time to go back to school!

Funny September Meme on Going Back to School

6. The season of September!

Happy September Meme on Sweater and Sweating

7. Not a great day for Filipinos!

September 21 Meme on Filipinos

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8. Everything will be Pumpkin Spice Lattes!

September Meme on Pumpkin Spice Lattes

9. And that’s the transition to fall!

Transition From Summer To Fall Season Meme

10. Such distractions!

When September Ends Meme on Distracted Boyfriend

11. Happy Wolrd Suicide Prevention Day!

World Suicide Prevention Day Meme

12. The Green guy is finally up!

When Your Boy Wakes You Up Before September Ends Meme

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13. You are present, nothing more!

1st September Birthday Meme

14. They don’t know!

Earth Wind and Fire Song Meme on September

15. Contrasting emotions!

Green Day vs Earth Wind Fire Meme on September

16. In a blink!

March to September Meme

17. Welcome No Simp September!

No Simp September vs NNN vs DDD Meme

18. One month to Spooktober!

One Month Until Spooktober Meme

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19. September 6 (excluding Americans)!

September 6 Meme on 69

20. Not sure that many are coming on 9/11!

September 11th Meme on Taliband Concert

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