40 Funny Chinese New Year Jokes to Crack Up the Dragon

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In 2024’s Chinese New Year, the streets of Beijing are alive with the buzz of the Year of the Dragon. Dragons, known for spectacular parties, seem to make even the moon pause to watch. Homes are decked with red lanterns, while dumplings’ scent fills the air. Amidst the festive rush, everyone’s whispering about the season’s highlight – the hilarious Chinese New Year jokes that never fail to spark laughter.

As the new year rings in, laughter rivals the fireworks in the night sky. These jokes, an unofficial tradition, are spreading faster than dragons can fly. Everyone, from kids listening to their grandparents’ witty tales to Mr. Wong at the corner shop, is sharing chuckles. It’s believed that a New Year without laughter might invite a playful dragon tickle! Thus, amidst the parades and gongs, laughter weaves through the celebrations, making the Spring Festival a time of joy and shared smiles.

Best Chinese New Year Jokes

Happy Chinese New Year! Or as they say in China,
“Happy New Year!”

Little Johnny already has a date for the Chinese New Year.
It’s the 10th of February, this year!

Why should husbands wash plates during Chinese New Year?
Because Gong Xi Fa Cai!

What do you call a dragon without its silver?
Dr_ _on.

Why did China cancel the Chinese New Year?
Everybody was kung-flu fighting.

Two Dragons walk into a bar.
Dragon 1: It’s hot in here.
Dragon 2: Shut your mouth.

The Chinese believe that eating certain foods on the lunar new year will shape your future.
Most think it’s just a supperstition.

What’s the difference between Game of Thrones and United Airlines?
One has dragons and the other has drag-offs.

Why do some not like these Chinese New Year celebrations in 2024?
They tend to Drag-on.

What do Bruce Lee and the Donkey from Shrek have in common?
They have both entered the dragon.

Some friends are having a joint Burns Night and Chinese New Year Party this weekend
They’re calling it Chinese Burns Night. I wasn’t going to go but they twisted my arm.

What’s a tired dragon’s favorite steak?
Flaming yawn.

Did you hear about the baby who was born way too early on February 10?
His parents named him Sudden Lee.

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A dragon would never explode,
But a dino might.

The Chinese Year of the Dragon has begun.
And here I am still writing Year of the Rabbit on my checks.

During the Chinese New Year celebration, as the dragon dance and fireworks lit up the streets, a friend asked another, “What do you call a Chinese man in the midst of all this festive heat?”
With a smile, another friend replied, “Boi Ling!”

What do you call a dog with no hind legs?
Dragon balls.

What did Mr T say on Chinese New Year?
“I pity the 福.”

Why do dragons sleep during the day?
So they can fight knights!

The Chinese New Year is approaching and with the Year of the Dragon upon us,
Let’s hope it scales back on the surprises!

Why are dragons so good at rapping?
Because they’re always spitting fire.

Why is it taking so long to get to the next Lunar New Year?
It’s dragon in.

How do you ruin a dragon’s birthday party?
Tell him to blow out the candles on his cake.

What did the dragon eat at Chinese New Year?

At the Chinese New Year gathering, a group of friends were sharing jokes and laughter. One of them asked, “What did the wise Chinese doctor ask his patient during this auspicious season?”
With a grin, another friend chimed in, “He asked, ‘Is your spirit soaring like the dragon, or is Sum Ting Wong?’”

Did you hear about the Chinese who stole a calendar during Chinese New Year?
He got 12 months!

What advice do you give to people who failed at New Year’s resolutions already?
“Don’t worry, there’s still time for Chinese New Year is here!”

How do they celebrate Chinese New Year?
By comparing our adult children’s careers, income levels, and marital statuses.

How do you wish someone a prosperous Chinese New Year?
“Wonton of wealth and good fortune!”

What’s a dragon’s favorite type of music during Chinese New Year?
Heavy “metal” of course!

Lunar New Year in Vietnam is celebrated with lion dances, dragon dances, fireworks, family gatherings and meals, ancestor worship, and giving red envelopes to children and the elderly.
Thank you for coming to my Tết talk.

What do you call a Chinese man in the summer heat?
Boi Ling.

As the Chinese New Year’s Eve dinner was being prepared, a friend inquired, “What do you call a prosperous Chinese man as he ushers in the New Year?”
With a festive spirit, someone answered, “You call him ‘Ching Ching,’”

What did the Chinese man say when he fixed the lightbulb for the New Year celebrations?
“Ching chong!”

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How do Chinese Cowboys greet each other?

Yo mama so skinny, when she eats Chinese food, she uses her fingers as chopsticks.

How do you make a dragon laugh on Lunar New Year?
Tell it a “tail”-riffic joke!

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