What Pride Flag Is That? – Meme Template

What Pride Flag Is That Meme Template on Comic Girls
What Pride Flag Is That? – Meme Template

The what pride flag is that meme originates from an exploitable image based on a two-panel out of context preview of a much larger graphic novel series created by cartoonist and visual artist Sarah Hopkins. For fear of backlash, the cartoonist removed the one-page comic from her Twitter account. The original comic contained the lower panel with an Irish flag and was part of ongoing webcomic principles of magic.

The one-page comic described a conversation between two girls in which one of the girls inquires the other about the Pride Flag which was hung on the wall.


The tweet (now deleted) by the artist’s Twitter account received more than 6.6k retweets and 96k likes within 18 hours of being posted on May 31st, 2022. The same day, Reddit user u/Anthony-Minimum-4984 posted the meme’s blank template on the subreddit r/MemeEconomy which received more than 8k upvotes within a day.

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